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Here's our Chinese translators Josie fanaccount of the concert in Hong Kong! 

Note to readers:
Don't expect lots of descriptions or praises regarding their bodies or faces. I mean they're obviously gifts from God but I am too mature, if not old, to act like a fangirl. OMG this and OMG that is not my style but the concert was definitely a night to remember. I didn't include the sequence of performance in detail as it was very much the same as previous LOEs. Notes below were organised in chronological order as far as I can: 

A question in mind while waiting for the start: Why was it Pompeii by Bastille or Fascination by Alphabeat before the show but not One Shot or Warrior...
The show began with Warrior, What the Hell and  No mercy and after that the boys were already completely in sweat.
The sound system was a bit unstable at the beginning. Music was too loud for the boys' voices to stand out. Plus the superb fan chants I thought I was going to be deaf.
At one time I couldn't hear with my right ear, which really scared me, but it turned out to be the malfunctioned amplifier on my right.
Quite a lot of adlib from Daehyun in I remember but I don't know how to describe. Some notes just sounded different.
Regarding the two sub-vocals, Himchan sounded very good in his parts and Jongup a lil bit weaker. Himchan pressed his voice really hard and at times sounded very much like auto-tune. Both of them sang beautifully in Secret Love.
When Zelo was dancing he didn't really care if he was rapping to the microphone, which made him sometimes totally inaudible. On the other hand, I have to say, besides the two main vocals, Yongguk sounded the most stable. I could hear every single word very clearly.
They picked up quite a lot of Cantonese and sometimes Putonghua ran out from their mouths randomly. Something standard are like Himchan's “How are you”, Zelo's “We miss you”, everyone's “thank you” and some “ho sai lay” (very strong / well done). Everyone spoke but Yongguk spoke mainly English (HK make some noise that kinda thing if you know what I mean XD) and Daehyun Korean.
During the profile scan yongguk was introduced as “the rapper who can sing”. He sang and danced a bit of Gee and cracked up due to embarrassment overload.
Himchan's talent was imitating Yongguk but it didn't sound very similar live.
Himchan said Daehyun is as handsome as Brad Pitt and Daehyun yelled “No! No!No!” got off again in embarrassment.
One of the descriptions for Daehyun is “a perfect wife and mother” LMAO. He did Zelo's LTE rap but I could only hear half of that before BABYs got too excited.
Youngjae's specialised in sexy dance according to the scan (don't ask me why) and he showed off (?) a bit of Michael Jackson's crotch grabbing moves.
Jongup was expected to show off his dance skills but he ended up doing strange dance and getting off the stage.
Zelo did his classic Buing buing and ended with uttering Gwiyomi but he didn't actually sing the song nor do the moves.
I have no clue how Youngjae learnt “Wanna see some aegyo?” in Cantonese and started the aegyo war - By “war” here i mean all of them were forced by other members. I could see that there were some negotiations off the microphone before each attempt below, which fully showed they really hate acting cute haha.

Daehyun held a peace sign beside his smile eyes.
Himchan scratched on his face in a super cute way.
Yongguk shook his ass like doing a cute version of Power's “nah nah nah”.
After the aegyo session Himchan and Jongup introduced I Believe I Can Fly in English. Himchan's pronunciation has improved a lot!
The sub-unit line-up was the same in other LOE. The two angelic voices interacted so well. Youngjae sounded exceptionally good. Daehyun's extra high dolphin notes literally cured the sound system. I was like listening to Pavarotti.
Jongup's dance during Never give up was no joke. His hand flip and hand stand @@.
After the sub-units' performance there was a video break. Blue screen showed in the end and fans took it real ans some started booing. XD
One shot punch fight for freedom
During My First Kiss the cam closed up Himchan and he was sweating real lot. He kept blowing kisses to the cam. When it switched to Yongguk he really KISSED the cam.
Yongguk took off his jacket a little and revealed his biceps while doing some sexy dance. His biceps were unfortunately defeated easily by many others because theirs are really huge. Daehyun's were as hugh as his head.
When Zelo took off his jacket he acted shy and held the jacket in the front to cover his chest.
During Goodbye Daehyun kept smiling to himself and focused on singing.
Coma came after the encore shout. Thanks to the big screen we can see their hearts throbbing while they were lying on the floor.
After that it was time taking group pictures. After taking two pics using the official camera, Himchan passed his camera to the cameraman and said, “This is my camera. Strongbabe.” Such a dork!
Some toy hit Zelo and I was so jealous as the toy was at least paid attention to. But I have to be an Olympic shot put athlete if I were to do so from my distance.
The songs came after the photo time were Dancing in the Rain, Stop it and Crash.
Himchan didn't sing much after the photo time as he was busy taking pics since the moment his camera was with him. The Strongbabe manager takes his job seriously.
Zelo was at times captured to be really exhausted. When he said the show was coming to the end and he wouldn't forget the night, he faked a baby crying which drew lots of laughter.
Youngjae and Zelo pretended to be suffocating during Himchan's line in Crash. There were lots of moment when these two dorks were playing together on the stage.
They bowed in a quite behaved way in the end. No one stopped very early to monitor the others.
There were lots of fireworks and effects throughout the show, which effectively added spice and enhanced the atmosphere.
Security was unexpectedly lenient so BABYs could manage to take lots of pictures and even videos. They started working more seriously in the middle but they didn't force people to leave the venue. 

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  1. HI :D I WENT AS WELL BUT I COULDNT FIND YOU < it looked so painful. i was hoping that none of this would happen at the HK concert but noooooo some idiot had to just get some attention. daehyun did do a lot of adlibs <3 and himchans hearts when everyone was bowing was adorable <3 <3 *dies* can you tell me when they are leaving? i wanna go see them off :<