EXCLUSIVE: Live On Earth DC: Fanaccount & Photos

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UPDATE: All-in-one fanaccounts and pictures by our reps in DC

By our representative Chanmol

Here's our admin Chanmol's fanaccount of the DC concert!

With Dee and Junghwa ^^

Ok here I go! So I won't say much about the fanmeet because Junghwa already mentioned everything ^^ So here is what I got from the concert:
  • So the commercial was extremely long! We kept getting out of our seats and chant "B.A.P" but nothing happened so we would sit back down and we did this about 2 or 3 times! ^^
  • First impression: So when they first came out and warrior was playing, the screen went up and when I saw them for the first time in real life, they look really tall! And they look exactly the same in pictures and in music videos, they also sound the same when they sing! Did I mention that their all so beautiful and perfect in real life!! I'm not even joking!!! 
So now I will go on and talk about every member and what I remembered they did at the concert :) Starting from oldest to youngest :)
  • Yongguk:
  1. Yongguk was fixing his jacket and he turned his back towards the crowd and I saw his tattoo! ^^
  2. After the greeting he said, "Dr. king said I had a dream. I have a dream. And today we are living our dream." in English.
  3. He also said, "The ticket was sold out in 5 minutes. Wow" In English.
  4. For "My First Kiss" Yongguk had his sweatshirt pulled down and he went on his knees facing the first row.
  5. He sprayed his water and threw his water bottle to the crowd.
  6. Yongguk said "Whatsup my babys" during Sexy Clap in English.
  7. He spoke in English through the whole concert :)
  8. Yongguk also said, "This is our new song." during Sexy Clap.. maybe he's hinting that this will be in their new album??
  9. Youngjae ask Yongguk to name some players in the major league and he named one person and all the crowds cheered, then he asked the crowd, "Any BAP fan (he said pan instead ^^)
  10. He imitated Zelo's rap ^^
  • Himchan:
  1. The members told Himchan to roll his eyes back in his intro and when they counted "1,2,3" he covered his face and gave us an eye smile because he wasn't ready yet. ^^
  2. During Crash Himchan took a fans camera and took pictures of the crowd instead 
  3. During Crash Himchan side hugged Jongup, he also massaged Jongup's shoulders
  4. Himchan mainly spoke in Korean but when he spoke in English he looked down at the stage like he was reading a script ^^
  5. He made lots of faces and he squint to the crowd a lot 
  • Daehyun:
  1. Daehyun smirk a lot to the crowd
  2. He did his 7 high notes during his intro
  3. Daehyun spoke mainly in Korean but he said "just one more please." in English when they were taking pictures with the crowd.
  4. When Jongup was trying to speak Daehyun kept interrupting him
  5. When Youngjae and Daehyun was singing I Believe I Can Fly, Daehyun went from "Fly" then switched to "Pry" ^^
  6. Daehyun was really emotional when he was singing I Remember and Goodbye.
  7. Daehyun seemed to dye his hair a lighter brown.
  • Youngjae:
  1. Youngjae spoke a lot in English! He was the MC of the concert! ^^
  2. He shout out "victory" 4 times during his intro
  3. Youngjae was the only member who touched the fans hands while performing.
  4. Youngjae faced the other way when the "computer" was scanning him.
  5. Youngjae is really handsome in real life! :)
  6. He drop the microphone when they were taking pictures with us and he said sorry and everyone all laughed ^^
  • Jongup:
  1. Jongup danced his way down the stairs during Secret Love ^^
  2. During Coma Jongup almost fell off the stage when he jumped down from the middle stage.
  3. During his intro BAP members wanted Jongup to dance but the fans chanted "6 Pack, 6 Pack" so Jongup showed his abs but at first he had trouble lefting his shirt because it was tuck under his pants ^^
  4. Every performance Jongup would have a serious face but then he would break out smiling (He is so adorable!!)
  5. His hair was light purple and pink.
  6. Jongup and Zelo did the bernie a lot during their performance!
  7. Jongup did a lot of random spins ^^
  8. He didn't really talk much throughout the concert :(
  • Zelo:
  1. Zelo killed all the noonas with lots of thrust dancing!! That boy needs to stop! ^^
  2. Zelo didn't zip all his jackets so you can sometimes see his arms XD
  3. I saw him blink!! It's so cute in real life!! ^^
  4. Zelo spoke the best English but he didn't talk too much
Overall I had a really good time at the concert! When they were at LA and SF, the concert seemed to go by so fast! But really I felt like the concert was so long!! Which I really loved it ^^ Although I was somewhat far away from them, I managed to record a lot during the concert! I just mainly screencap the videos ^^ THERE WILL BE FANCAMS COMING SOON!!!  

By our representative Junghwa

Hey~! So, for those of you guys who don't know me...my name is Junghwa and I am one of the Korean translators for bapyessir.com! It's late at night and I'm really tired, but I really want to write down everything I saw and experienced at the DC Concert before I forget. Sooooo, let me start with the meet!

Me, Dee, Chanmol and her sister and cousin walked to the Mead Center. It was about a 35 minute walk, so we arrived at around 2:30. There really wasn't a table for us, so we had to share a table with another fanbase (and I think they were called the Matoki Daily?). But everyone was really nice, they helped us set up and took interest in the postcards and bracelets. At exactly three o'clock, they opened the doors for the meet up. We got scared because they just swarmed in and surrounded us! But everyone loved the postcards and bracelets. We ran out of all the bracelets!

There were a couple activities; taking a picture with a small handwritten caption, a dance competition, a singing competition, a cosplay, and trivia. After each activity, each person would get a scratchcard and it would either say "Try Again" or "Congratulations". Me, Chanmol, and Dee first tried the picture activity. We all had our hopes up but all we saw were the words "Try Again". After that, I honestly felt like there was no point so I didn't participate in any other activities. But then Chanmol and Dee persuaded me to try the trivia. I had no expectations, whatsoever! I got to the lady and she asked me "What is the official bunny name of B.A.P?" and I answered "matoki" right away. She gave me a card and I scratched it to find "Congratulations". For a whole minute, I just stood there, in shock! I didn't scream, although there were a lot of other people who did. Chanmol, her sister, her cousin, and Dee tried many more times but in the end, I was the only one who was able to go to the high touch event.

Around 5:50, we arrived at the theater and I waited in line for the high touch event. At around 6, they slowly let us in. It was a pretty quick high touch, as I was going in, the other people were crying and screaming their way out. I finally went inside and in the lobby there was a big white screen. They led us around the screen and there they were!!! B.A.P!!! Yongguk was literally looking around the corner, smiling, waiting to see the next person. Himchan was next, and he too was smiling. Next was Daehyun, and I got a good look at him since he is my bias. He met my eyes and slightly bowed his head and I did the same. He had a really big smile on and his eyes were in that crescent moon shape because of his smile. He was really cute! Sadly, I don't really remember Youngjae and Jongup much because I was so shocked and mesmerized by Daehyun. All I remember seeing about Jongup was his purple-ish hair and that he was slightly shorter than the rest of the members. The last person was Zelo and boy was he tall! Don't get me wrong, Yongguk and Himchan were tall, but Zelo was a giant! And he looked like a baby! They were all really nice and very handsome!

So, after the high touch I had to go back into the line to be seated. The lines were really long, but they finally let us in at around 7 and I got seated at 7:20. The opening performances had started already. They had New Heights and Joseph Vincent open up the show and they were very good, you guys should check their music out. But anyways, my ticket seat was row O seat 2, but when the video started playing, the people in the front rows started to stand and swarm to the front of the stage. I spotted Dee and she called me over, so throughout the whole concert I was literally 3 feat or so away from the boys! 

The song list and order was the same as the LA and SF concert. So, I won't be listing those (mainly because I can't really remember in what order they played). But seeing them up close was an amazing experience! They were full of energy and didn't hesitate to give fan service. I'd say that Himchan was the one who gave out the most fan service, then Daehyun, then Yongguk. Youngjae and Jongup didn't do fan service as much as their hyungs and Zelo, but they did reach down and touch the fans' hands. 

During the introduction, I think Yongguk was apologizing for the crazy ticket incident for the DC concert? I'm not sure, since I couldn't really hear, but all I heard him say was "I'm sorry" at the end. Someone threw up I think a doll and Zelo kind of gave the 'no' gesture with his hands and he pouted. Then Daehyun did the same when someone else threw something up. The fans were very very loud, so once in awhile Daehyun had to quiet the fans by putting his finger on his lips, but it didn't work for long. When they talked, I could barely hear them because the fans were loud. The fans sang throughout the whole concert, but I personally could still hear B.A.P sing. 

During the Stop It performance, Zelo pretended to sing the high note and he bended over, focused on "singing". Then Himchan came over and continuously hit his butt! During My First Kiss, Yongguk kept blowing kisses and he even puckered his lips and got really close to the fans! During Sexy Clap, Himchan was so close to the end of the stage, fans got to touch his thighs! B.A.P invited their professional photographer on stage and snapped a photo with the fans!

I definitely cannot leave out the boys' English! In the starting video, it played a short clip of the boys speaking English and they were all very good! Daehyun and Himchan were the only ones who spoke Korean. But once in awhile, they'd speak English. The best English speaker was definitely Zelo. His English was flawless. Yongguk was good too, you could tell he tried to come up with sentences right on the spot because he had to pause and think before he said anything. During the introduction, Yongguk named some Major League players. Himchan did his famous eye-roll back. Daehyun did the 10-octave...yes, 10!!! Youngjae was asked to show his different moods, but all he kept saying was "Victory", causing the fans to yell back "Victory". Jongup was asked to reveal his abs and Daehyun was quite persistent in showing us Jongup's abs. And his abs are perfect as ever! Zelo was the last to go and he showed of his famous LTE rap! 

Like the other concerts, Yongguk sprayed water on the audience and some of the members threw their towels to the fans. At the encore performance, they showed up wearing their hoodie sweaters. I caught Daehyun ask someone in the back curtain if he could take off his sweater...and his arms 0.0 Everyone except for Jongup and Zelo took of their sweaters. They all had nice bodies! At the final performance, Crash, Daehyun went out of view for a moment and brought back his iPod and took pictures with the fans! Yongguk decided to steal the cameraman's camera and he did the same! Himchan took his camera and took pictures, too...probably for his site! Jongup took a fan's phone and snapped a picture! Zelo grabbed Dee's polaroid camera and tried to take a picture but he didn't know how to use it. He was mumbling to himself, asking how it worked. He eventually figured it out and took a picture and although half his face is cut out, his smile was adorable! Daehyun, also, took pictures with fans' cameras. But I didn't see Youngjae take a picture with a fan's camera or phone...At the end, Dee threw up the hat she wanted to give to the boys and Zelo picked it up! He played around with it a bit and put it on his head.

I know this fan account is pretty long, but I wanted to share everything! I'm sorry it's a little unorganized, but I can't seem to remember everything in the order it happened. It was a very hectic concert...and I mean hectic in a good way! If B.A.P has another concert nearby anytime soon...I will definitely not hesitate to go again! All in all, today was a very very VERY good day :)

By our representative Dee

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