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UPDATE: Jessica's fanacc

By our representative, Jessica
  • When I got to The Warfield, there was already a long line, but we were in a pretty good spot when it 5 o'clock came around because the line went around the block! There were so many BABYz there! I felt so proud for the boys. There popularity had sky rocketed, and they have truly become more than just idols.
  • While waiting in line, someone stuck their hand through a hole in the tarp that was blocking the inside of the building, and my sister and I basically flipped out.  I don't know why, but I have a feeling that it was Jongup...
  • The venue was really nice inside.  The floor spots werre really badm and all i could see were heads, but the staff let us upgrade to PIT, so we did and let me tell you, MY VIEW WAS INCREDIBLE.  I could directly see the stage and from left to right, and there was no one behind me, so I had no one pushing up against me.  I had so much room to fan girl ^^
  • Jason Chen and Clara C were pretty good, but I was more occupied with getting better seats. lol .Clara C was really cute though! She was telling the audience how much she loved us and had a screaming contest with us ^^
  • It took ABSOLUTELY FOREVER for the concert to start.  Then, all of a sudden the lights went out, and an intro explaining how the matoki came to earth.  Then, Warrior started to play, and a screen lifted, and revealed the boys.  They were like 6 mini gods descending heaven as they walked down the stairs. i couldn't contain myself, and neither could the other BABYz in the venue.  
  • They didn't even seem real as they were preforming Warrior.  It was so surreal.  There was a huge difference from seeing them live and seeing a performance from a music show.  There skin was so nice, and they were so much taller in person!  THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL.  
  • They preform so well!  They are so good live.  They truly are the BEST ABSOLUTE PERFECT.  
  • The boys preformed What the Hell next, and they were definitely working the stage.  However, after they did NO MERCY, and man, that got the crowd going! Everyone was yelling at Zelo's parts, their hip thrusts, grinding part at Himchan's part. It was so good, and I could hear a faint fan chant. 
  • There was a short intermission thing as they went to go change their clothes.  Then Yonnguk and Daehyun came out to preform an acoustic version of I Remember.  You could definitely feel the emotion behind Daehyun's voice.  On the big screen, you could see how emotional he got.  I have a feeling that he's going to be a great actor! Yongguk's rapping was perfection. you could feel the pain and sorrow in his voice. Ugh. He was so good 
  • I think they did Secret Love next, and the rest of the members came down from the stairs and preformed it.  They did Rain sound next, and everyone went crazy when Himchan did his part because it was his first time to preform that after his accident.  The boys were perfect.
  • They then did the introductions of each member.  They went in descending order of age.  Yongguk went up to scan, and Youngjae got the crowd to start chanting Bank Yongguk.  In the description, it said that he was a sports fanatic, and he said that he loved baseball or basketball, and talked about the giants or golden state warriors, or both. Sorry, i cant really remember ^^;
  • Himchan went next and Youngjae again got the crowd to scream Kim Himchan.  On his description it said something about being able to turn his eyes inside out or something.  The other members got him to do it, and they counted to three, and Himchan got embarrassed and didnt do it.  The others made a "eeh" noise, and Himchan eventually did it.
  • Daehyun was next and we again chanted his name.  Yongguk asked the crowd "You know that Daehyun is our most handsome member right?" or something like that.  The crowd went crazy when he said that. It also said that he could do a seven high note.  The crowd got quiet as he was showing us, but we started to scream as he got to his highest octave.  I think he did eight instead of seven
  • Youngjae went next, and we chanted his name as well.  It said in the description that he was moody, and the members tried to get his to show that.
  • Jongup was next, and it said on that description of something about his six pack.  Yongguk called his the Korean Chris Brown ^^ I was yelling take it off so that we could see his six pack, but i guess it didnt catch on -_- It also said something about being a great dancer, and the other members got his to dance while Zelo beatboxed.  The crowd went absolutely WILD. 
  • Zelo was last, and everyone was screaming.  It said that he liked english speaking girls.  Yongguk laughed a bit and asked the crowd if anyone spoke english.  Everyone raised their hands and started screaming.
  • The boys had really big smiles on, and seemed truly happy to be there. They seemed so grateful and thankful to us. Their smiles were genuine.
  • The rest of the boys left except for Youngjae and Daehyun because they were going to preform their solo.  They did a cover of "I Believe I can Fly". It was beyond amazing.  Their voices were like honey.  It was a great daejae moment because as the song went on, they started to sing to each other.
  • Jongup and Zelo were next, and they danced the Dougie. I have honestly never seen anyone dougie so well.  They did a sort of soul train thing, and each added their own flair to the dougie, They were so great.  They then did never give up.  Zelo took over Yobgguk's parts.
  • Yongguk then came out with his dj stuff in a white button up with a skinny black tie.  He looked so sexy as he was djing.  I have never seen anyone sexier than him.  He started to sat "so sexy" into the mic and the crowd went wild.  He started to walk down the stairs, and the music changed, and Himchan walked out in an opened button up and a white v neck underneath.  He looked really good too.  They started to preform a new song called sexy clap, and I think that Hana from SECRET featured in it too. This song really got the crowd jumping.  I was working out my legs, and everyone was partying.  
  • There was another intermission.  I think this is where they started to play "party rock anthem" and zoomed in on people to see them dancing.  They zoomed in on a middle aged guy in PIT, who I think was a dad or security.  The security by the way, was really tight.  They took cell phones away from those who took pictures, and told us that if they caught us taking pictures, they're gonna kick us out.  They then played this video that showed the horrors of poverty, and made us all sad.
  • Then, the screen lifted and ONE SHOT started to play.  Everyone started to scream.  This was the song I was looking forward to the most.  The boys did not disappoint as they preformed everything perfectly.  Himchan actually preforming it was definitely the highlight.
  • They then did PUNCH, and let me tell you. Dawhyun IS SUCH A GREAT SINGER.  He hit every high note perfectly.  Ugh.  it should be illegal to be that perfect. 
  • The boys preformed Power next, and everyone was so involved in that song Especially when "hate you" part came around.  When the nananana part came around, Zelo shook his butt.  It was so cute and earned so many screams from the BABYz.  
  • They then started talking about saying goodbye.  Yongguk got really emotional as he said that he will never forget this moment.  They started thanking up, and then preformed Goodbye.  As they were singing, they were waving to the crowd and were shooting some fan service here and there.  Everyone was really sad that it was over. 
  • When they left, the lights went out, but everyone stayed there.  We started to chant encore then B.A.P.  Then the screen lit up, and had to options, return or end.  There was a mouse from a computer on screen, and was hovering over the end button.  They were definitely trolling us because it eventually went to the return choice.  There was then a loading thing that popped up, with Earth on the left end, and Mato on the other end.  When the loading thing was full, the screen lifted and they came out in their official hoodies and stated to sing to Coma.  Everyone was so happy!  The dance for Coma was really good.
  • They then did Dancing in the Rain, and everyone was having fun at this song.  It got the crowd moving.
  • They then did Stop It, and the boys were giving a lot of fan service.  Some fans in the pit started throwing things, and B.A.P. didnt really like that.  You could see in their faces their disapproval..  
  • There last song was Crash and the boys went all over the stage.  Youngjae went on top of the speakers.  They were all smiling and having fun. The concert then ended and the boys bowed a 90 degree bow. Someone threw a tigger, and Yongguk was happy and said "i love tigger!" his smile was so cute.  He is so precious.
  • During some part, Jongup had his wife beater rising, and we could see part of his torso.  It was so sexy.
  • They took a group picture with the crowd, and there was a Himchan x Zelo moment because he hugged Zelo from behind and pulled him up.
  • Youngjae took a fan's cell phone and took a selca with Zelo on it.  She's so lucky.  
  • They preformed My first kiss at some point, but I can't remember. I think it was after punch. The boys were so sexy. Yongguk took off his leather jacket slightly, revealing his shoulder. Ugh. I definitely had a small heart attack because of his sexiness. Daehyun completely took off his jacket and was walking around in his wife beater, showing off his newly toned arms.  Holy crap, that was a really good sight to see.  His arms are inexpressible.  I cant even. Ugh. SO BEAYTIFUL. At the ooooh part, all of then were like grinding the air.  My ovaries and feels were off the charts at that.  Those boys have no idea what they do to us fan girls.  The struggle of being  BABY.
  • Yongguk was saying kiss me and let me kiss you again while singing My First Kiss. He was throwing kisses at the fans.  He was the only one who paid attention to the balcony people.  He waved a couple of people at the lower loge.  
  • Zelo went to high five and touch some people.
  • Both Yongguk and Zelo threw water into the PIT. I wish I was one of those people who got wet -_- 
  • I think Himchan and somene else threw their B.A.P. slogan into the crown.  Zelo threw his towel into the crowd. I saw some girls fight for that.  That was intense.
  • Yongguk put on a cap that had the San Francisco logo or something on it.
  • The concert was truly amazing, and I will never forget it ^^ 

By our representative Caroline

Jason Chen opened up the show with 2 songs : 1 Bruno Mars' song and 1 his original song.
Clara C followed with 3 songs : Macklemore's "Thrift Store" and 2 songs that sounded really nice, but I didn't know the titles.
MC appeared and joked a bit (included how Korean guys are handsome lol)
Then…what seemed like the longest wait ever; some random songs were played while audience shouted "B.A.P! B.A.P!"
Suddenly the light went out. The opening VCR was played, it went smoothly until "B.A.P Live On Earth" appeared and Warrior was being played whereas B.A.P was no where to be seen. Warrior soon stopped playing and the screen moved up, revealing… The six people who made me fly all by myself all the way from other state just to see them.
And let me just say, they were worth it!
From left to right: Jung Daehyun, Choi Junhong, Kim Himchan, Bang Yongguk, Moon Jongup, Yoo Youngjae appeared with yellow lights shining behind them, making like they truly appeared from a space ship. My eyes quickly spotted Daehyun; he had his hair tossed up. I guess I was kinda disappointed that I couldn't see him with his cute shirt fringe, but…enough with Daehyun's hair. (He's handsome to me, no matter what lol)


As Warrior started playing, the 6 men walked coolly down the upper stage to the lower stage. May I just say Warrior in white gave a more charismatic feeling rather than the rough kind of feeling during their debut.

2.What The hell

I literally said to myself, "WTH", it was so perfect to be placed after Warrior. It didn't cease the hype.

3.No Mercy

Yongguk shouted, "San Fran what's up?!" I noticed Himchan had been sweating a lot by this time.

Break. The stage turned dark. A night sky-like with twinkling stars background filled the screen. The staffs brought in two white wooden chairs. My inner Jung Daehyun alert was on. Oh, we knew what was coming.

4.I Remember Accoustic ver. (BYG & Daehyun)

If I were the type of person who easily break down in tears, I'd cry. My eyes were on Jung Daehyun all the time during this song and his expression was…breathless. Jung Daehyun, did someone ever break your heart? 'Cause I think you should be the next main actor for a ballad MV.

However, I must mentioned that Jung Daehyun ran to the backstage as soon as he finished and somehow, I found his small quick steps, rushing to the back after all the mellow act he put up, was so cute.
5.Secret Love (Jongup, Zelo, Youngjae, Himchan)
The transition from I Remember to Secret Love was so fast. Himchan sang Daehyun's part while Jongup covered Yongguk's. Nevertheless, the song still sounded awesome. I guess it was just kinda different to hear the song with only four members.
6.Rain Sound
As soon as the four members left, six white wooden chairs were brought in. Then the six members appeared again. Once again, I'm sorry my eyes were only on Daehyun, but… I couldn't help it, he looked daym too attractive in quilted-like suit and b/w oxford shoes lols.
VCR of how the members represented some awful feelings (which I supposed they were supposed to ease those away?), such as Yongguk = Memory, Himchan = Expectation, Daehyun = Missing, Youngjae = Love, Jongup = Tears, Zelo = Farewell,
Members introduction. The members kinda contemplated on who to go first, but they decided with Yongguk anyway. 
The leader went up to the higher stage and awkwardly stood in front of the man-shaped figure on the screen. Soon the screen showed numbers which stopped at 100; "complete". His so-called data were shown. The other boys focused a lot on Yongguk's interest in sports. Youngjae asked which players Yongguk knew in major league. He had accent, but his grammar was fine (I think he practiced this though). Then Yongguk threw out some sports teams and players name….and he said, "I love basketball." To be honest, I couldn't help but to giggle every time Yongguk talked in english. It was as if he was rapping. He was cute though. 
Next, of course, Himchan. Now we knew they were going according to age. For Himchan, they somehow focused on his ability to turn his eyes inside out. Daehyun, when he read, "Turning his eyes inside out," laughed out loud because of it. I couldn't help but to laugh too. He was just so cute, looking like he had fun by himself because of such sentence lols. Then they made Himchan did the scary eyes thing. Should I note how Daehyun was kinda hyper of this eyes-thing? He was the one who did the, "Three two one," and, "Go!" Anyways, I must say the eyes-thing were kinda scary kekeke. Himchan looked like a vampire for a second there! Himchan seemed to be shy about it though. He turned around and hid his face after that. 
Next, Daehyun (*gasp*). As almost always, Youngjae made the audience cheered, "Jung Daehyun! Jung Daehyun!" as Daehyun went up to the higher stage, aw…. After Daehyun's data appeared, I heard some fans near me said, "Wife?" because there was "Good and motherly wife" in his bio (!). I guess TS is a Daejae shipper too. Anyways, as Daehyun standing there, Youngjae said, "Daehyun, so handsome, right?" YEAH RIGHT! You didn't have to ask, Youngjae. Zelo then said in good English pronunciation how Daehyun could sing 7 high notes and the boys made Daehyun did it. I kind of forgot who said this, but I heard some of the boys praised Daehyun, saying "Handsome, handsome" all over again (no, I'm not being biased here haha.)
Up next, Youngjae. The crowd cheered, "Yoo Youngjae, Yoo Youngjae!" After Youngjae's bio showed up, the boys started to make a fuss on his "Often moody". Daehyun asked Youngjae, "Why? why?" and, "When you're happy?" (asking him to show his cheerful expression) which Youngjae replied with a very cute "Pwah" then, "When you're angry?" which Youngjae replied with, "What? What?" A moment of Daejae there.
Jongup went next. Yongguk introduced him as "Korean Chris Brown". The crowd cheered, "Jongup! Jongup!"  The boys made Jongup danced, of course. And he did it so coolly!
After Jongup, Daehyun said, "Next to, who?" (Daengrish alert!) I think he meant, "Who's next?" though lol.
Lastly, Zelo. The crowd cheered, "Zelo! Zelo!" As the little brother went up, Youngjae commented, "Oh, he's so cute." The hyungs made him to do the beatbox. Zelo showed us a short one then he showed another one. At this time, from my side, I noticed someone threw something to Jongup (*sigh*) which replied by Jongup with his angelic smile as he waved his hand a bit telling the fans not to do so. Then the boys turned to the "english-speaking girls" on Zelo's bio. They kinda laughed at him because of this lol. Then (I think it was) Yongguk asked the crowd who spoke english, which of course meant the whole crowd lols, but check out the boys; Daehyun and Himchan raised their hands too haha.
7.I Believe I Can Fly
Youngjae said, "Please listen carefully," before the song started. Again, take note at his English; he'd got some skills. "I Believe I Can Fly" was executed really well by Daehyun and Youngjae. Perhaps, "great" wasn't enough. They truly could sing, their harmony blended well, and they sounded much better live. The performance was truly a luxurious treatment to my ear (and thank God, I stood kinda near the speaker)
8.Teach me how to dougie & Never Give up
This performance was SO CUTE! The two maknaes looked like they had so much fun! Jongup and Zelo looked witty in school-like uniform. Jongup sang the reef part of "Never Give Up", gosh he had a nice voice.
9.Sexy Clap
My new favorite song form B.A.P, I must say! Yongguk first showed up with his shades, macbook, and headset. He was in white shirt, looking freakin' hot. He said (in a rap-like tone), "What's up my baby? This is a new song for you. Here we go!" He started Dj-ing, playing some audio clips  for a while then Himchan came in, also in white shirt. The two hyungs successfully turned the concert into a sudden disco club. The atmosphere was really good; I couldn't help not to jump!
10.Party Rock Anthem
The boys went backstage to change their outfit. A cameraman showed up and started to zoom in on particular audience whose faces were shown on the stage's screen. Three audiences were zoomed in and asked to dance along to the song and after that they were "judged" by Jongup, Zelo, and (I think) Himchan. The clips of B.A.P members "giving the score" for the dance was kind of like a recorded thing.
VCR on how in some places, people were still suffering. Supreme General Mato appeared. He was an electronic bunny! He asked whether we would help the boys to erase suffering from the world. The audience literally replied to the bunny on screen with, "Yes!"
VCR of helicopters.
6 MEMBERS! They didn't do the push-up though… EIther because the stage was not enough for all of them plus the dancers to do push up, or because they didn't want to risk Himchan's injury which just healed. The boys had changed into leather jacket with chains and studs; hot.
My memory was blur during this song due to the hotness of their performance. The choreography was so cool! It and this punching move. (No wonder some of them gained muscle, the new choreography involved sports movement I see)
13.Fight for Freedom
Again, my mind kind of blur, but I did remember how my eyes couldn't leave Daehyun's tough/rough/hot expressions lol.
14.Power Rock Ver.
I LOVE THIS VERSION! It felt like a rock concert during this song. So cool; awesomeness was overflowing.
15.My First Kiss
Before the song started, Jung Daehyun went to the staff (manager?) beside the stage and asked him to pull his jacket off. I think he was feeling hot, but….asdfghjkl HIS ARM MUSCLE. No kidding. He got his jacket taken off in front of my eyes, I could clearly see his result of working out. However, Daehyun soon went to the upper stage and stayed there almost during the whole song, while the other members stayed at the lower stage. It was a performance full of fun! Himchan looked down to the side of where I stood and… I got to look into his eyes directly (eye contact?). Man, his stare was scary. I shivered, no kidding.
Nothing much I remember about this performance because I was too busy enjoying the song. This is my favorite song after all. I did remember how the boys saying that this was their last song, so they were saying good bye with the song, but… I think we all knew there was an encore after this.
VCR of a cursor with a question (I kind of forget, it was either "Continue" or "Shut Down"). Oh, you know those teasing type of VCR kekeke,
The choreography was wonderful! Really fit the song! And they did the dance throughout the whole song.
18.Dancing in the rain
The hall was turned into a dancing club again during this performance. The boys became so hyper. they jumped here and there. Somewhere around her I think Jung Daehyun took off his hoodies, revealing yet again his muscular arms.
19.Stop it
Still being hyper. The atmosphere was really good.
Last song. Youngjae and Zelo climbed the speaker on the side of the stage where I was and stood on it to get closer to the audience. Zelo even posed for my friend's camera! But he soon stopped when the security came and was about to take my friend's camera. Not much of it that I remember, but it was so much fun. The concert ended with a euphoria at its height. Unfortunately, some people threw things on stage and I don't know about the others, but I did see something hit Yongguk's side stomach. Last but not least, Youngjae took a fan's phone and took selca with Zelo before going back to the backstage.

In overall, B.A.P Live On Earth was beyond the word "so much fun" could describe. B.A.P was beyond awesome. They truly knew how to interact with fans and they totally owned the stage. I could see why B.A.P was the rookie of the year; why they gained so much fans in only one year (and a few months) of debut. They were truly fantastic performers. I seriously think TS has successfully put up a marvelous group.
I flew from another state on a morning flight, carrying 3000 postcards on my backpack, having to re-schedue an important thing, and I couldn't even complaint a bit. Because attending the concert, even though I've been to various K-pop concerts, was truly a one of a kind experience. And I would certainly not refuse any chance to see them again if I could.

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