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All pictures and videos of the concert can be found HERE

One of my friends filmed almost the whole concert, so we'll share her fancams very soon. In the meantime, you can read my detailed fanaccount of the concert! (I also talk a bit about the pre-show meet-up, high touch event and performances at MTV K!)

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It's actually my 3rd B.A.P concert. It was the first time I was that close but I wasn't as excited as I was when I first saw them. 
And as always, I apologize for my English mistakes, I slept something like 6 hours in 3 days and didn't eat anything so my French-Canadian English will be even worst than the boys' English accent. :))) *just kidding they are the cutest thing ever*
Also, I lost my phone at the middle of the concert because of the pushing and everything, so I didn't have the chance to take any pictures for you guys. Sorry about that. (After the concert, a fellow Canadian girl helped me to find it and I finally found a girl who took it and keep it with her so that people stop jumping on it ;-; I freaked out all concert long it was a nightmare OTL). 

The concert was almost the same as the Seoul one. Same video story with Mato's supreme commander and the setlist was almost the same too. Only the collab stages changed and they didn't perform some songs that was performed at the Seoul concert, such as Voice Mail, It's All Lies, Unbreakable and few others.

I had a 115 $ tickets, so I was in the 3rd row. The concert began with two other artists, one rock band and one guy who did some covers, They were both really good! But people in the GA pit already went crazy at the second song of the band. People were pushing each others to get closer to the stage. Some fans next to me even asked the MC to ask people to back up after the first band left the stage. So I knew that it would be a pain when B.A.P would come. And it was seriously like a jungle where I had to fight for my life. There's really a huge difference between American fans and Korean fans.
The boys came on the stage with Warrior. The first member that I saw was Yongguk. He seriously looked like an angel. I could see their face perfectly. Daehyun's handsomeness literally hit me. And OMFG HIMCHAN WELCOME BACK BABY <3

The first three songs were really a pain. I couldn't enjoy the concert at all. I was pushed everywhere. In like 5 minutes, I got pushed on the left, then in the middle of the first row (Zelo looked at me during his rap in What The Hell and he made a "wtf is happening" face because the crowd was moving so much) and then I got pushed back 5 row in the back. I couldn't move at all during No Mercy. But I had a damn good view of all of them. Especially Yongguk who was right in front of me. They were all full of sweat like it had no sense. Yongguk had to close his eyes because the sweat kept falling in his eyes. XD Himchan looked like he just got out of the shower and Jongup looked like he was crying. He was EXHAUSTED at the end of No Mercy, seriously. O_O But it was only for the first three songs. After that they were all okay. XD

They changed their outfits and performed I Remember, Secret Love and Rain Sound. OH MY GEEZ I Remember acoustic version... Let me take a moment to take a deep breath. WOW. It was 95839483 better than in Seoul. I don't even know why but THOSE BOYS BROKE MY HEART. They were so into it, so emotional and wow their voices are serisouly a gift from the Gods. They did Secret Love after that (well only Himchan, Youngjae and the maknae line). Then they all performed Rain Sound but I don't remember the performance at all. I was so busy fighting for my life and helping others to not fall. .___. I just remember that Zelo was sweating a lot. (LOL weird souvenir). 

Then they introduced themselves with the scan thing and all. OMG that was different from Seoul but it was so original. All I really remember was that Zelo was so HYPER and Daehyun was laughing for nothing. xD Yongguk was speaking a lot in English but we couldn't hear anything OTL. He said that Jongup was the Korean Chris Brown and that Daehyun was the Korean Brad Pitt LMAO. All of them were speaking REALLY SLOWLY to pronounce everything right. It was so cute OMFG. I was expecting them to not have such strong accents. Especially for Zelo and Youngjae. But their accent was so strong, so as a French Canadian, I had difficulties to understand what they were saying. The introductions went pretty fast, I almost only remember Himchan's and Jongup's. Himchan did an impersonation and we all laughed so hard. HE IS SO CUTE AND FUNNY OK. And when it was Jongup's turn, people started to yell "ABS, ABS, ABS", so Yongguk went to Jongup and gave him the order to show his abs LOLOL good leader :)))))) BUT JONGUP ARE YOU DUMB OR WHAT. He showed his abs but his tie was on his stomach so we didn't see anything *facepalm* You're really a one of a kind M.Jup. <3 Oh and I also remember Daehyun signing DJ Got Us Falling in Love and killing my heart. ;___________;

There was that moment when Youngjae opened a water bottle and throw the water at us because he noticed that we were so hot. We couldn't move and everyone were so hot. It was funny because many people including me screamed at him "OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH WE LOVE YOU" and he smiled. XD During the introduction, all the boys, especially Himchan, looked at the people in the three first row and he seemed really sorry to see that we were pushed and squeezed so much. He saw that some people were suffocating. Even Daehyun asked us to calm down because many people looked like they were about to faint.

DaeJae's duo is the most perfect thing I ever heard. Seriously. OMG I loved Price Tag at Live On Earth Seoul but I Believe I Can Fly was flawless. Their voice together is just heaven. Daehyun litterally killed me, again. I think I love Youngjae more but DAEHYUN OMO jgodjge. I keep saying to my mom that Daehyun's voice was even more perfect in NY than in Seoul. DON'T ASK ME WHY. I don't even know. My eyes COULDN'T SEE the full performance because they were all teary. ;___; And Youngjae's husky voice make me want to cry an ocean. Oh and I was surprised when Daehyun hit that really pitched note at the end of the song. oo" I don't know if he did that at the other concert but yeah that was special xD

JongLo duo on Teach Me How To Dougie... my feels. Jongup's outfit was the best. HE IS THE SEXIEST MAN EVER OK. And nobody dance better than him oh. Jongup's my bias and he NEVER killed me with such violence. My friend have such a nice Jongup-focused fancam of it I'm just like giheofbfowjgife. I'm sorry I can't describe how good it was. Never Give Up with Jongup & Zelo is seriously AWE-SOME. Jongup even did a high note I was like WHO ARE YOU. HOW CAN YOU SING SO WELL. Jongup never fail to amaze me. And I'm so sorry but Zelo isn't a baby anymore. Nothing about Never Give Up but during the whole concert, HE WAS ALWAYS DOING SEXY MOVES AND SEXY FACES I'M JUST LIKE WHY SO MUCH HATE. I remember that I've also said that for Live On Earth Seoul but it was even more evident in NYC. He have so much confidence and swag and everything. Yongguk is still Yongguk leader nim flawless god, but you know, maknae is not a little boy anymore. 

And then BangChan's duo. SWAG ON BABY. Honestly it was the duo that I liked the least, maybe because I got pushed back again and I missed many parts of the song. But shit they were sexy as hell. THOSE BOYS NEEDS TO RELEASE A SONG TOGETHER. Yongguk wore glasses. They seriously looked like PIMPCHAN AND PIMPGUK. No kidding. I'm anticipating that Vegas MV so much. SEXY CLAP SEXY CLAP. 

They changed their outfits again and came back to the stage with One Shot. DAMNIT I GOT PUSHED IN THE MIDDLE AGAIN SO I DIDN'T SAW THE BUTT MOVE. I was so mad LMAO. But One Shot WITH Himchan is just simply the best thing ever. I just can't wait to see the original choreo with Himchan. ;AAA;

I think that Punch followed. I swear I'm in love with that song and choreo. ;_;

Then I think they did Fight For Freedom and then Power rock version. IM GONNA DOWNLOAD THE AUDIO LIKE RIGHT NOW. I like the original version more and I'm still sad that they don't do the original choreo. But yo the rock version is more intense and they put all their soul into it omo.

My First Kiss. Still the best performance of the concert. YONGGUK PLEASE STOP. The performance was even more sexy than the first one in Seoul. They practiced their bodywaves and sexiness a lot (poor heart). No serisouly there was Yongguk, Daehyun and Jongup who went sleeveless and were doing sexy moves during the ''ouhouhouh'' part. Jongup took forever to take off his jacket because he forgot to take off his gloves FIRST. .__. But whatever. DAEHYUN.IS.SEXY.AS.HELL. RIP to all Daewons who were there.  And I swear Yongguk's mission that day was to make explode all ovaries in the place. '-' LMAO.

Then Jongup said ''This is our last song'' and everyone (including the members) were laughing LOLOL. Yeah because after Goodbye, they did Dancing in the Rain, Coma, Stop It and Crash and they took FOREVER to leave the stage after the pictures with the fans. (BTW ZELO STOP BEING SO CUTE OMFG). During the picture time with the fans, he kept saying "CHEEEEESE" while doing a peace sign fejfoekfpejf. JUST STOP. 

At the very end of the concert, they all spoke English again and said things like "We will never forget that concert", "Thank you so much for coming", "We are so proud to be able to do a US tour, thanks to you". They are so sweet and nice. Himchan once said "We still have a long way to go" and we were all like "And we'll always be by your side". NO BUT SERIOUSLY. LET'S ALWAYS SUPPORT THEM. Those boys deserve to be able to conquer every single part of the world. 

They sadly didn't do many "fan service", because the security told them that the crowd was really crazy so they never went really near to us. People kept leaving because they couldn't breathe because of the pushing so I was glad that B.A.P did everything to calm down the fans. 

I must also talk a bit about the meet-up the day before the concert. Everything went really well. Our booth was next to Best Absolute Style's booth. Cate & Jesse are so sweet! We did 234 $ for our Tiger Project, thank you so much to everyone who participated for the cause! Only 6 B.A.P bracelets left so we decided to put them in the package with the six puzzle necklaces LMAO (Project for their Live On Earth Tour). Many many people signed the "America is now conquered" banner and we already gave it to the boys! Many people came to our booth and asked questions about the site. Some of them even said that it was so nice to finally meet the people behind BYS so we want to thank Mnet for giving us such a nice opportunity because it was an amazing experience. 
We also collected many fanletters that we delivered to the boys. Thank you so much to everyone who came! 

One of my friends Natt got into the high touch event after the meet up. She was the 5th in line and she saw the boys like 10 seconds. It was so fast but she said that they were all so handsome and happy to be there and see their fans. She said that they were all really tall. The first one was Yongguk and the man of her life is Yongguk so she almost had a heart attack even at the beginning of the high touch LOL. She said "YO!" to Yongguk and he laughed while replying "hi" and high five her. Then she said that Himchan looked at her right in the eyes and she almost died. She remember that Daehyun was smiling a lot and that his face was so cute and so pretty. She was so amazed by Daehyun that she almost didn't remembered Youngjae and Jongup LOL. But she said that Zelo is a freaking giant with a baby face LMAO. 

Also, Danbi (one of our Korean Translators) went to see their performances at MTV K and she was in the first row! Lucky girl! She said that the boys looked amazing and that they were incredible. She will add more details of the performances really soon! 

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