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 B.A.P Yes Sir!

Fans doing B.A.P dances, they were really good too!

WE MET B.A.P! (kinda :3 These girls were hilarious and so much fun, plus so kind!) ... (Yongguk!)

Waiting for B.A.P to leave the venue...but then they announced that "Because so many people have gathered, B.A.P was taken out from another exit." We were so mad, we were all behaving so well too. Maybe next time...

Fan made goods! I'll have to make a list of all these girls' twitter accounts, they're so nice.

This and the Matoki light were the only goods I kept for myself haha.

The completed banner! Thanks for signing everyone!

Yui and I had to improvise, but we still managed to package the banner pretty nicely since just rolling it up seemed boring. Thanks to the Baby from Aomori for the B.A.P stickers! 

Giving the banner to B.A.P! (well, at the gift table anyway, hope they like it!!)
Thanks again everyone!!

Hi this is Nicole again, Japanese translator for BYS! Thanks to everyone who came out on the 25th to cheer on B.A.P, and who also helped with our projects! We got lots of donations for the tiger project, got LOTS of signatures from fans for the banner project, and there were so many awesome people around so THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

I have a few warnings about this fan account: 
* There was just TOO MUCH going on. Seriously, all of B.A.P seemed so much more excited and less nervous than yesterday, so they were interacting a lot more with each other.
* My Yongguk bias comes out REALLY strong in this. For obvious reasons. I'm so sorry in advance.
* Since so much was happening, I just can't remember it all, so I'm sorry for that too.
* No fan cams :( They were as ridiculous as the first day with cameras. A girl in the row in front of me had little binoculars which the staff thought was a camera so they rushed over before realizing it wasn't for taking pictures.

Live on Earth Japan, Day 2, May 25th

So I have to say this now, Day 2 of Live on Earth Japan was probably a MILLION times better than the first day! They were way less nervous, had even more energy, did way more fan service, and for the most part tried speaking Japanese a lot more. And...Yongguk...just...someone come pinch me. 

This time I'll be writing everything I remember about each member, plus other observations about the show. But do you realize how hard that is!? SO MUCH was going on the whole time, and our boys were just incredible, I don't know how they give such stellar performances when they are constantly working so hard.


1.) I gotta write this first because I am on the verge of exploding: HE RIPPED OPEN HIS SHIRT. ABS ABS CHEST *cries* so this actually happened in the middle of "Sexy Clap." Just like the day before, he said in English "Wassup my Babyz. This is a new song," to which there was little reaction from the Japanese fans so I literally screamed "YONGGUUUK!" and I'm assuming he heard since Yui, who was on another level, heard me lol. So he did his awesome DJ intro, and he was smirking/giggling today! He was so much more relaxed. So Himchan came out and they were singing together, and Yongguk's shirt came un-tucked and I just stared since there was BARE SKIN UNDERNEATH. He was wearing a T-shirt underneath the shirt the day before. So he kept singing, and then he loosened his tie before taking it off, coming to center stage and RIPPING OPEN HIS SHIRT. You should have heard everyone, the girl next to me (who incidentally came from the same prefecture as me lol) was also a huge Bangster so we were like screaming, hugging each other and just staring. I'm sorry if I sound like a huge perv, I really just love Yongguk so much, he's so talented and hard-working, his music is amazing, and he's also gorgeous :3

2.) During his introduction, he was going to sing Adele's song, so we counted down "3, 2, 1," and he was about to start but everyone was absolutely silent waiting to hear him sing so he got shy, giggled and needed us to countdown again. Like Day 1, his singing voice is so beautiful. It's not fair how perfect he is lol.

3.) Yongguk "got mad" at Himchan during Himchan's intro since Himchan couldn't do his impersonation of Yongguk very well. Yongguk's face appeared on the big screen with this intense "TRY AGAIN" face before breaking out into his gummy smile. 

4.) Yongguk kind of mispronounced "Hada tsurutsuru" ("smooth skin") or he might have just mumbled, but it was cute, during Zelo's intro.

5.) During "My First Kiss," he was just as bad today as Day 1 for body waves and thrusting. This time though he actually went and kissed the camera so there was this giant screen of Yongguk coming at us and kissing the crowd. 

6.) For "Crash" during the encore, he had a Tigger someone threw up sing the "nah nah nah nah nah" part.

7.) Yongguk was obviously SO happy the entire show, but especially the encore. He was dancing around, goofing off and blowing kisses to everyone.  


1.) Another night of being an adorable Japanese MC. He had a lot of moments where he either forgot and had to check his script/notes on stage, or where he might have been too excited and jumbled his words. He really must have been studying hard though, he is really trying to use a lot of Japanese. 

2.) Himchan made the scariest, intense face while he was getting 'scanned' for his introduction, it was pretty terrifying haha.

3.) Himchan nailed his Yongguk impersonation the second time since Yongguk glared at his first attempt lol. 

4.)  Again, for "Secret Love," Himchan's voice is so beautiful, I want him to sing like that more. For "Rain Sound" his voice was also perfect, and he had the most intense eyes during that song.

5.) Okay, I'm mad I missed this part, I must have still been in shock from seeing Yongguk's body, but Himchan kissed Daehyun on the cheek during "Dancing in the Rain." 

6.) Himchan went up and put his arm around Young Jae, I can't remember which song though. He also did this stupid but hilarious body shake at Zelo during the encore.


1.) He tried to speak more Japanese today! He thanked everyone for coming a few times, and tried introducing his and Young Jae's duet, saying something like "Singing together, together." He then said "dokidoki suru" ("My heart is pounding") to show he was nervous before "I Believe I can Fly." 

2.) Daehyun in profile today for acoustic "I Remember" was just...too much. He had this intense face and I think they adjusted the sound levels today since we could hear his voice even better over the music.

3.) During "I Believe I can Fly," he hit like THE high note to kill all other high notes (another girl nearby me actually plugged her ears?!), it was so surreal, he has such a fantastic voice.

4.) He did a lot of fan service. I think it was during the encore he was pointing at people and singing and smiling. 

5.) He did the same as the day before by not actually kissing the camera for "My First Kiss," just smirking and walking away.

6.) He NAILED Zelo's rap the second go when they were doing intros!

Young Jae

1.) Again, he sounds so good in Japanese. He either memorized what he was going to say, or he's that good, I can't tell.

2.) He seemed more confident about his "Sexy dance" for his introduction today haha. But he started laughing when he was saying "I know my sexy dance was good..." and he just cracked up before saying "But won't Jong Up's be better?"

3.) Young Jae and Jongup were ridiculous together. They kept doing dorky dances together, Young Jae serenaded Jongup as he was trying to take a drink of water, and they were just goofing off together.

4.) Young Jae and Zelo were also oozing bromance today. Young Jae was singing in the center of the the raised part of the stage, and Zelo came up, was doing that cute thing pointing both index fingers together and shyly waddled up next to Young Jae, so Young Jae put his arm around Zelo while he was singing.

5.) Just a random note: Young Jae likes looking up at the ceiling while singing. He does it a lot lol. Today he tried to tone it down and actually faced and pointed at the audience more.

6.) Young Jae is a total bias ruiner. He's so handsome live. I also forgot to mention he was bobbing his head to the side and upward while he was getting scanned for his intro.

7.) I actually just closed my eyes and listened to him sing during his and Daehyun's duet, his voice is just so smooth and sounds so good.

Jong Up

1.) Jong Up was also pretty hyper today. He was smiling even more than on Day 1, and he just looked so happy.

2.) HIS BREAK DANCING. He totally stepped up his dancing today and was spinning around on the floor, flipping in midair (he did that on Day 1 but seriously, so amazing), doing one handed hand stands during his and Zelo's stage...

3.) He spoke the same amount of Japanese as the day before; close to zero lol. Just before the encore, he repeated "You're voices are a bit quiet" just like yesterday haha.

4.) His sexy dance for his intro also seemed more confident today. 

5.) I feel so bad, he was doing so much, but because everyone else was being such a dork during the encore too, I just didn't have enough eyes to watch everything Jong Up did.


1.) Zelo was arguably the most hyper. He didn't really speak in Japanese, but he was just bouncing around, being adorable and just being Zelo.

2.) He did 2 new "kawaii" poses for his intro: first he made a heart, then he made a peace sign and cute face. When he came down, Yongguk repeated how Zelo's skin is "smooth," and Zelo was behind him pulling a silly face while rubbing his own cheek, so when Yongguk turned around and saw he cracked up into his gummy smile again.

3.) It looked like he kind of stumbled when he was doing his dance for his and Jong Up's stage, but Jong Up just went on like a boss. Zelo's so friggen tall, it's amazing that boy doesn't trip and fall more often.

4.) He was being such a jerk again, trying to get skin ship from all the members. He had Young Jae's arm around him,  got his face poked and his butt slapped by Himchan, and at the end of "Goodbye" Zelo went up to Himchan and made this gesture with is body like "Hug me" but Himchan was looking in the other direction so Zelo just moved on.

5.) He was way less breathless than Day 1, his rap for "Warrior" was PERFECT.

6.) Someone threw up a REALLY nice, I'm assuming hand-made matoki that Zelo took, and Zelo really seemed to want to show it off, he put it in front of everyone's faces but they were too busy saying their thanks and goodbyes.

7.) Zelo was the last one to walk off stage, but he came back out a few steps and did some dorky little dance before running back. 

Other notes about Day 2

* I couldn't tell which day's were louder, but there were some really loud fan chants and a LOT of whistles.
* The crowd tonight seemed a lot more into the show. Japanese fans in general are super polite; they cheer at certain times but listen to the singing fairly quietly the rest of the time. Tonight, people were yelling out member's names, cheering over every little smile or laugh, and like yesterday were great for cheering for each member in almost equal measures. 
* No one wanted to leave! When the encore ended, everyone sat down and started singing along to a few notes of "Crash" before some announcement came on. That made everyone sing louder and chant "B.A.P! B.A.P!" and this went on for quite some time before another announcement came on telling us the show was over and to leave.  
* Yui and I actually went and waited for B.A.P to exit the venue to their vans, along with 2 other awesome BABYz and a WHOLE LOT of other girls. Everyone was being super quiet and well behaved, but then they announced that B.A.P was taken through another exit since there were too many fans where we were. 

And that's it! If you've read this far, thank you and hope you enjoyed it! With B.A.P's Japanese debut this year, I hope I can write more of these fan accounts! XD Until then, you can follow me on twitter @ibniconico if you want to see what's being translated from Japanese for bapyessir.com :3 (because there should be a LOT of magazines with event reports coming soon :3)

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