[EXCLUSIVE] Live On Earth LA: Fanaccount

Posted by Isa

By our representative Areli 
(Exclusive fancams also coming soon!)

Jongup accidentally hit daehyun while dancing so he moved over and himchan came from behind him and gave like a "it's ok" shoulder rub while laughing
Himchan threw a water bottle into the crowd and a hit a girl and then ppl crowded around her to get the bottle "dumbchan x]"
Himchan had to put his leg up on the speakers every time to look less stiff when swinging his hips and Daehyun went up the little stairs and jus barely kinda swayed his hips from side to side however Yongguk effortlessly hip thirsted and rotated his hips with ease
Yongguk picked up a tiger doll and held it like a little kid and kissed it
Zelo found a hello kitty doll but put it back down soon
Youngjae wore a hat that was apparently ment for Zelo
At the very end of the concert Daehyun got up the little stairs after the other members already left the stage and he jus danced till the light started to fade
Himchan made it seem (or made it obvious) that he was reading a scripted to speak in English cause he made and awkward pause, looked down, then spoke again "derpchan lols"
Himchan for some reason tried to open a water bottle with his mouth "what the fuzz chan x]"
Jongup's hair was actually fuchsia colored maybe it was washed out because Zelo's hair wasn't as dark blue
They all look exactly the same as you seem on screen, no photoshop they were sweating so makeup wasn't their beauty either
And youngjae looks really handsome in person daehyun looks chinkyer and himchan's legs are no joke best manly legs ever 
Daehyun sang I believe I can pry instead of fly
Zelo looks EXACTLY the same in person and on screen
Jongup's eyes look even smaller
And yongguk has this different vibe in person he jus seems approachable when you see his gummy smile
Himchan is WHITE like really white and his cheekbones are noticeable he seemed to have only lost weight on his face cause his legs are still damn fine x]
When they were exiting a stage after a song and the lights were fading Zelo and jongup looked confused and kinda almost left on the wrong side of the stage then jungup turned a round and said (or mouthed) something to another member across the stage then left the stage
It kinda sorta seemed obvious that the encore was planned
During one shot instead of doing "the push-up dance" they like squatted down and jus kinda bounced up and down in order to not strain himchan's hand 
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  1. "daehyun looks ______" -- not sure whether that's a typo, but you know that's a derogatory term, right?

    1. Well i'm Asian as well and I couldn't really come up with another way explain how he looked at that moment. However if it bothers you I will gladly remove it and think of a different way of describing him :]
      Sorry about that.

  2. It was the best concert ever! Youngjae was already my bias but seeing him in person I just gotta say he looked so beautiful more than I ever expected<3 And I think he acknowledge the crowd the most. I was waving and threw a heart w/ my hands at him and then pointed at him and he pointed at me and smiled and waved. He'd look right at me and crowd in my section alot and made me feel special XD Sometimes it felt like he was flirting with his eyes he'd do really frisky moves and then look at me alot. Hahaha Idk if that's just me being over the top but that's how it felt it made me shy ^_^

  3. What do you mean that "yongguk has this different vibe in person he jus seems approachable when you see his gummy smile"? As in he does not seem approachable when he's not smiling? Or unfriendly?

    Thanks for this account - sounds like you had a lot a fun?