EXCLUSIVE: Fanaccount from B.A.P Live On Earth Seoul

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In front of the Olympic Hall

Okay first of all I'm really sorry for not being able to post my fanaccount before. I was SO TIRED after the two concerts and since I'm from Canada, I still feel the 11 hours jetlags and it kills me ;A; Anyway here's my detailed fanaccount of the concert. (Sorry in advance for any English mistakes, as you already know my mother tongue is French. '-')

Unfortunately, I didn't took any pictures/videos of the concert, they were VERY strict about camera, especially in the standing zones (I was in B section on the first day and then C section on the second day) Many BABYz had to leave the venue because they got caught. The pictures that you can find on the site are probably from people who where in the seating sections.

So were to start. I was surprised to see all the empty seats in the hall. Even in the standing section, there was a lot of place. I was in the B section and we had really enough place to move around. xD It was almost the same for the second day, though the A & B sections seemed really crowded. On the second day I was in the C section and people keep leaving/moving so at the middle of the concert I was REALLY close to the T stage, I could see them perfectly. ;A;

At the beginning of the concert, the supreme commander of Mato was speaking to us, telling us and there won't be any pain & cry anymore on the Earth. He said he will send 6 mato to bring joy in our hearts. And then the boys arrived on a spacecraft (the thing above the big matoki!) It was sooooo big, it came down to the scene and then the boys appeared. WARRRRIOOOOOOOR, UH! Warrior sounds so nice live. Really. But it broke our heart when we saw only 5 of them... But still, it was an awesome performance, the green ocean of Matoki was DAEBAK and we could hear all the whistle together, it was sooooo nice!
And then What The Hell, damn this song is so good! The choreography is so powerful too. Then No Mercy, OMG wow. Jongup and Yongguk were so damn sexy wtih these white outfits. Okay so after No Mercy they left and Daehyun and Yongguk came back to perform a short acoustic version of I Remember. We could very hear their voice well. It was so beautiful and I wish that they record an official acoustic version of that song in the future TT
They left again and then the whole group came out of the floor and Secret Love started. KIM HIMCHAAAAAAAAN ! Everyone was so happy to see him, we are all screaming like crazy! I was so good to see him but he seemed VERY sad. When I sang his first line, we couldn't hear him since everyone was like AAAAAHHHHHH WE LOVE YOU ;AAAAAAAA; They performed Voice Mail and Rain Sound after that, wow that was so emotional. Voice Mail is breathtaking live, they really put all their soul in this song.

After this, they introduced each member with their Matoki's info. Yongguk was the first to stand on the stool. He did a weird pose and the members asked him to do an aegyo. God it was so funny. kkkk Then it was Himchan's turn. He also did a weird pose and an aegyo. But at first he was shy and keep laughing for nothing. kk Then Daehyun did a cute pose. I don't know what Daehyun said to Youngjae when it was Youngjae's turn but OMG Youngjae took him by the shirt like he wanted to fight with him or something. kkk We could hear the fans dying of laughter at this moment and he did it two times. kkk Then it was Jongup's turn. He did a peace sign with a dead serious face omg XD And then Zelo did beatboxing for him and he danced to it but he seemed shy haha~ I don't remember what Zelo did, but on the Totomato's info on the big screen, it was saying that he has now two years old!! XD So that's why I think Zelo did a "two" with his hands when he jumped on the stool. I don't know it was just so cute.

Theeeen, DaeJae covered the american song "Price Tag". OH GOD THAT WAS GOOD. Oh I have to say that Youngjae's voice and Daehyun's voice are REALLLLYYYYYYY pretty live. Like it has no sense. These boys are so cute. Their English accent OMG I can't even describe it. And they were both sleeveless /faints/ Oh and at the end of the song, they were playing with each other, like Daehyun was coming to Youngjae, and then Youngjae was backing up, until he come to Daehyun, so that Daehyun back up too. Can you imagine that? We were all fangirling like crazy at this. But okay Jongup's and Zelo's duo on "Jump". WHUUUUUUUT. I'm Jongup biased and Zelo is ruinning my B.A.P bias list since One Shot so that performance litterally kill me. At the beginning of the song, there were few back dancers that was doing some gangsta move, and then JongLo joined them. The HipHop beat of "Teach Me How to Dougie" was so good and they were sooooo sexy. I don't know what happened to the maknaes at that time but damn. ;A; Before Jongup showed his abs, he did a kind of bodywave while he was turning on himself I don't know how he did that but it was so sexy. This guy really dance like a God. Oh and also, after Jongup showed his abs for few seconds (RIP my heart), Zelo teased us as he started to lift his shirt, but stopped just before we see the skin >< Between "Teach me how to dougie" and "Jump", the boys talked a bit. Zelo was like "Jongup-aaaaah ~~~" with a damn cute voice. xD And Jongup waited few seconds and only answered "Neh." Everyone was laughing like crazy xD
Anyway, their performance of "Jump" was super exciting, they were SO into it and they keep running everywhere and jumping everywhere on the stage :D Oh when Zelo was rapping, Jongup has slapped his butt idk xD

After Dancing in the Rain performance (The choreography is so funny OMG XDDDD), Zelo went to the T stage and did a butt dance before they started Stop It. LOLOLOLOLOL what was that maknae?! XD The Stop It performance was really good too, though Yongguk and Jongup seemed really down at that time, but they quickly regain some energy after the talk period thay followed Stop It performance.

I NEED TO MENTION that time when the boys were talking to the fans between two performances and the fans began to scream "KIM HIMCHAN, KIM HIMCHAN, KIM HIMCHAN" Wow. I know Himchan could hear it and I can imagine how he must feel at that time. Everytime he showed up on stage, we were screaming like crazy to show him our support and love. I think that's why he cried the second day.

Then there was that 'intermission' where the camera was looking for fans in the standing section. They selected someone and then that person was supposed to dance or something. Then a B.A.P member on the screen was giving a 'score' to them. Haha my friend was selected, maybe because she's a foreigner (They keep zooming on the foreigners haha), that was so funny! Zelo gave her 100% kkk

The boys came back with One Shot. Waaaah that push up dance is so damn good. But Zelo's part was a bit strange. I think he was breathless cause it didn't sound like the original song I don't know. After One Shot, they performed their new songs Zero and Punch. The choreography of Zero is interesting. At first they seemed to do the Warriooooor move but then it changed. Punch was so powerful. On the second day I was in the C section and they performed Punch right in front of me. Three eye contact with Jongup while he was almost punching me OH MA GAWWWWWWWWD. Okay search for fancams of the performance to see what I mean. ;A;

Sacramental Confession, uh FJWLFWFW- What should I say. Yongguk is THE MAN you know what I'm sayin'? This is the song that he self-composed few weeks ago and uploaded on his Tumblr kk It was one of the best memories of the concert. On the first day, when the dancers ripped of his shirt, he almost fell off the stage XDDDDDDD But damn bless the cameraman who zoomed on the abs O_O But Yongguk seemed really shy, like he left few second after XD On the second day, the dancers didn't ripped off the shirt as much stronger than the day before and Yongguk didn't leave right after he become shirtless. He was like "HAN-HAN, HAN-HAAAN?!" with his sexy deep voice and then smiled to the fans like a freaking womanizer UHHHH- Everyone was dead I tell you.

The rock band Droken Valentine was good, it brings a little bit more awesomness to Fight for Freedom, Unbreakable, Never Give Up, and Power. They didn't do the original choreography of Power, it was really the rock version like they did at an awards show, I don't remember which one it was. I was a bit sad because Power is my favorite song you know ;A; By the way Never Give Up is really nice when the whole group sign it :D At that time they were more interacting with fans, it was a lot of fun.

Okay the following song was the best performance of the whole concert. MY FIRST KISS WAS A LITTLE LIKE THIS. Lemme fangirl one more time. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ;______________; They were sending us kisses, and Youngjae and Daehyun were touching fans' hands they were just so cute ;A; So many things happened during that song. There were Yongguk, Youngjae and Zelo who was doing sexy moves during to "ouhouhouhou" part. YONGGUK WAS ALWAYS RIGHT IN FRONT OF US. I don't know this guy have experience in moving his body like a gogoboy. -Sorry- NO REALLY. And Youngjae was also so sexy, bodywaves all the time. Daehyun was laughing at him though. XD And I didn't saw Zelo well but I know he was doing sexy moves too. Jongup didn't know what do to with himself, I think he was just laughing at his hyungs :D But okay Yongguk really what was that. Even my mom were dying on me. ;A; Oh and you know he was wearing a camisole where we can see all his abs when he moves. So yeah............ Um, I don't remember when, but at a time, Daehyun was in front of us and Zelo sat  behind him, like in front of his ass o_O And he took Daehyun's chain that was on his pants and then left with it. Daehyun was like what the- and then laugh. XD

Goodbye followed My First Kiss. Wow I love this song. They were confetti everywhere at the end of the song and the members thanked the fans and left. LOLOL don't do this to me I know you'll come back >_> After we talked with Mato Commander, the boys came back after awhile with Coma. OMGGGGGG at the end they were lying on the T stage and it was like they were dying in front of us D: That part reminded me when I was at the hospital after a long surgery and I don't know why to see them like that touched me so much.

On the first day, you know that Zelo read a letter. The members left him on the stage. He sat in front of the C&D sections and begin to read it. At first he was all okay. But tears quickly come to his eyes. He was talking to his parents, how he miss them. I think he said that his parents wasn't able to attend the concert. He apologize to his mom. His mom was sick, and she couldn't go to Zelo's academy with him anymore when he was young.  Zelo said that he was angry at her, but didn't know that he was because of her illness. This is what a friend from Hong Kong told me. At that time he was really crying like a baby. He keep hiding his face with his letter. It really broke our heart. After he talked about his journey with the members. He love B.A.P so much, he's such a good maknae T_T And then he thanked BABYz for the support. Ah his face was all wet of tears. ;A; Then the members came back on stage and Daehyun and Youngjae made fun of him because he was crying. OMG THESE BOYS WHAT THE- I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO WITH THEM REALLY XD On the second day, it was Himchan who read a letter to the fans (You can see the translation of his letter in the post of the Day 2 of the concert) He didn't cried like Zelo, but he was emotional. Omma Chan is really the best okay T_T He has teary eyes all the time, and whenever the fans were screaming because we didn't wanted him to cry, he smiled and was so shy.

Himchan joined the boys again to perform Crash. Aaaah a lot of interactions with fans again. On the first day, a fan trow a hat to Himchan but he wasn't able to put it well on his head because of his hand XD So Jongup helped him, but I think Himchan's head was too big for the hat kkkkk Jongup was so cute, he was like "no hyung XDDDDD" Many of them took signs from fans and they were running on stage everywhere, while Zelo has his skateboard. XD Daehyun tried to use it but I was worried for him as I remember how bad he was on skateboard in the Stop It Making Film XDDD LOL Daehyun I love you. It was good to see Himchan having fun with fans and members like that, because at the beginning of the concert, he seemed really disappointed and upset at the situation. He was looking at the fans with sad eyes. But during Crash performance he smiled a lot and laughed a lot.

At the end of the concert

Once the song was ended, the boys thanked the fans again. They bowed together with the dancers for almost a minute. XD Some of them were looking at the others to see if it was finish but none of the members get up so they ended up to bow forever XD Daehyun was like "KAMSAHAMNIDAAAAAAAAAAAA[...]AAAAAAAAAAAA", while the others were just calm and were waving to the fans. XD Daehyun is so sweet and funny x)

What should I add? Umh, honestly, I don't think they are THAT skinny. Yes, Yongguk is. But Daehyun and Youngjae are fine. I didn't really paid attention to Himchan's body, as I was just SOOOOOO HAPPY to see him when he was there. But Jongup and Zelo have really built body and I don't think that Jongup is small, I mean I'm 175 cm and he seems taller than me. Every of them are really handsome. Yongguk has a small face idk. XD Zelo has a weird face in person. He's still freaking cute and everything but he's different in real o_O Youngjae is gorgeouuuuuus I didn't expected him to be so handsome in person. And Daehyun is Daehyun, always and forever handsome. Same for Jongup. Jongup is just WOW. (I love my bias) Oh also, I think that Youngjae did an awesome job on Himchan's parts in every songs, although it was definitely not the same without Himchan. And about Youngjae's lip, I heard that he hurted himself during the rehearseal of the concert. The first day, it was still bleeding poor baby T__T.

I need to say that our fandom is truly the best. Even if the hall wasn't full, we could feel all the support and love the fans were giving to the boys. I've met so many overseas and koreans BABYz both day. Everyone is so kind and nice. And I've not really seen crazy fangirls at the concert. Everyone was excited, but calm. The fanchant was so loud and the whistles all together sounded so cool. BABYz is really my family. TT Oh and I was so glad to meet these German fans who recognized me! "ARE YOU ISA FROM BYS?!?" "Yes. O_O" "AAAAAAH WOW YOUR FANSITE IS PERFECT" Haha I was so shocked but it really touched me. ;-; And special thanks to Michelle, Delphine, Celyn and Kelly who were with me most of the time. I had a lot of fun meeting all these BABYz.

I think that's all. If you have any questions, please comment below, I'll try to answer it! :D

Please credit me back if taking out. ^^


  1. I really want to bow and say: gamsahabnidaaaaa.....
    even if I could't attend the concert, reading your post make me feel so happy. thank you again for your kindness... :D ah, wish I could meet you someday and say thanks personally.

    1. Aww that's very sweet! I'm glad you liked my fanaccount~ ^^
      Let's meet up someday! :D

  2. Hello :) commenting a bit late but I am curious about How "different" Zelo is in real life ? Thank you again for your site and supporting BAP :)

  3. Hello :) commenting a bit late but I am curious about How "different" Zelo is in real life ? Thank you again for your site and supporting BAP :)