PROJECT: "365 Days with B.A.P", for B.A.P 1st Anniversary

B.A.P First Anniversary Project

"365 Days with B.A.P"

For every BABYS, B.A.P is now part of our life. We thought of giving a designed glass jar containing 365 messages written by international fans. The boys will open one everyday during the whole year. The messages will give them courage and support, and maybe make them smiles. This will be more fun to read for them and take less time than theendless letters that always says the same things (the usual fanbook). 

All the messages and the letter has been translated by our three Korean translators. 

The package has been sent on January 18 to Delphine, our Representative in Korea and the boys will receive it on January 28. 

We need money to buy the necessary material to create the gift and cover the shipping cost form Canada to Korea. Thank you for considering a donation. All donations are greatly appreciated.
  • GOAL: 200 $ 
  • STILL NEEDED: 40 $ 
Final pictures:
* Since the Founder is Canadian, we've added some meaple leaf candies in the jar! 
(And we've mentionned to Daehyun to not eat all the candies! kkk)

Jar with all the messages

Our Fansite's motto
Jar & Letter in Korean + Thanks To.
Example message

Thanks To. 
This has been included in our letter for B.A.P!
Projects Managers: Isabelle (Founder), Annie (Isabelle's mother, who is also your fan!) (Canada)
Translators: Junghwa (America), Mages (Singapore), Jinchan (Germany)
Funds Donors: Sophia Miles (UK), Tan Yi Lei (Singapore), Yaidaris Rodriguez (US), Audrey D. Connor (Canada), Ineris Rolon (US), Rebecca Bromell (New Zealand), Jacqueline Caro (US), Astrid de la Chambre (Netherlands), Aline Lai (Canada), Gaelle Parot (France), Nattacha Soukaseum (Canada), See Yang (US), Derby Sinn (US), Zara Hussain (UK), Jasmine Chao (US)
Countries that participated in this project: Canada, United States, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, France, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Australia, Thailand, Chile, Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Portugal, Vietnam 

The 365 chosen messages:
Thank you everyone for all your submissions! You guys are crazaayyy! 
All the messages has been translated in Korean for the boys!

  • BABYs are between each other like B.A.P is between members; we're so friendly and supportive of each other. 
  • If you feel down one day, read the international fans' comments, they're the funniest and craziest of all Fandoms!
  • Did you know that when BABYs talk to each other, we cry out of laughter because our Fandom has the greatest sense of humor, just like you guys!
  • When BABYs fangirl, we use CAPLOCKS to talk to each other; Guess what, it never comes off. kkk
  • Since you are sexy as hell, the BABYs became very perverse. kkk
  • According to you, « Man must be manly and virile. » … What happened with Crash?!?! kkk
  • Crash: Love the song, no opinion about the outfits, laugh like hell during the live shows. kkk
  • B.A.P has No Mercy on our ovaries: Explosion guaranteed every times. kkk
  • BABYs' comments after watching a B.A.P video : « Just fell off my chair », « Flips table », « You are all invited to my funeral. », « See you all at Emergency Room », etc. kkk
  • Jongup, for your birthday, we're thinking of sending you an armor to protect you from Youngjae's slaps when he's too excited. What do you think? kk
  • B.A.P will conquer the music industry with their versatility and passion.
  • « Annyeonghaseyo, uri Blonde Asian People, Yes Sir! » 
  • Yongguk's collarbones can carry water for children in need! 
  • Babyz think that Yongguk is the definition of manly man, but why does he sleeps with Tigger seriously?!? kk 
  • Daehyun is like a vacuum cleaner; every time he passes by food, it disappears. 
  • You bring change. You make a difference. Inspire. Motivate. Lead. We fans won't leave you standing alone. 
  • Your passion will light the way for the generations to come. 
  • Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. Never forget that and you'll become international artists. 
  • After each of your performances, we all go like « BEST PERFORMANCE EVER. » 
  • Your music is awesome, the lyrics are different, you marked another style of music. Keep going like that! 
  • I never thought aliens would be so good looking~
  • B.A.P are the aegyo kings!  
  • I can imitate Yongguk's voice better than Himchan. :P
  • If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. B.A.P Fighting! 
  • "Don't forget, your health is just as important as Babys are to B.A.P!"
  • "I believe that you should work harder now because you can do anything when you’re younger." From Zelo to all the passionate Babyz!
  • "I want to show the people that tell me that I won't make it or I won't be able to as I succeed. I think when I'm able to prove myself, all the stress I have flies away." Yongguk, please continue to teach us what is important to remember in life. It means a lot. 
  • When we first watched Warrior, we refused to believe you were rookies. Please keep doing your best and surprising your fans! 
  • Know yourself and you will win all battles. 
  • Happiness is the best face lift.
  • Any day with B.A.P is a beautiful day, thus babyz have 365 beautiful days every year! 
  • When you cry we'll cry with you, when you smile we'll smile with you. We'll always be here, ready for anything. 
  • The best thing about 2012 was, and will always be, B.A.P.  
  • B.A.P won the « Best Aegyo » Awards in 2012... OMO GUYS! Kkkkk
  • We hope you'll get a lot of cheeseburgers in 2013 Himchan!
  • Ride a lot of limousines. :D
  • A BABY habit: "HIMCHAN NO." *die of laughing* 
  • “Shutdown, Sorry”
  • No Comment.
  • Can you please teach us how to speak in Mato Language?

  • “Are you watching, Earthlings?” Yes, We always are.
  • Just like how Zelo always say "내꺼야!", us BABYs will always say that BAP is ours.
  • "We got the POWAARIOR!!!" 

  • The famous chili crab dance by M.Jup
  • The ice cream song by DaeJae is actually one of the best song we ever heard. XD
  • Hololulu!!!
  • Daehyun and food should marry. kkk 
  • “What's hurrican in English?” (Himchan) 
  • B.A.P, heavier than dumbbells~ Do great today and show them what you've got!
  • Will never forget the Snow White game on Ta-Dah it's B.A.P
  • B.A.P: Blonde Asian People 

  • One of the hardest task for B.A.P is indeed aegyo. But that's what make their charm. ;D 
We're all pretending to be in the 'POWER' MV when spraying air freshener.

  • Daehyun: "What we want to eat is..." Jongup: "MUD!!" 
  • "I like the blonde one" (BABYS)
  • Zelo's weird way of making a heart shape
  • "SPASIBA!!!"

  • We all want to offer Jongup tickets for a Chris Brown concert.
  • Daehyun's banana microphone: Daebak.
  • We all faints in front of Yongguk's megawatt smile 

  • "A commet falling from the skyyyyy!!! AHHHH!" 
  • We all love Brownie!
  • We do think that there's a lot of talented groups in the Kpop industry, but you guys have something special, unique and absolutely adorable. 
  • The Death Phone!!! @_@

  • R.I.P Zelo's frog. 
  • "Younjae is more handsome than a hamburger" (Daehyun) 
  • Please never lose those bright smiles and cheerful spirits. You are an inspiration for every of us. 
  • If you're not in a good mood today, really, don't worry. We know you are humans and we understand how your life can be tiring sometimes. 
  • "We don’t expect your cheers, just your anticipation. Because we’re confident in turning your anticipation into cheers." You sure did Yongguk, it's an honor to call ourselves a 'Baby'
  • Sometimes a powerful warrior, sometimes a secret lover. B.A.P is unique. 
  • Never give up because BABYz will never give up on you! B.A.P Hwaiting! 
  • Keep doing what you love, Fried Tofus (BABYz kekeke) are very proud of you!
  • We want a trip to Mato. Would you be our guides? 
  • The way to successfully get through hardships is by being a team. Never forget that! 
  • Sometimes the life of an artist is tough, but all you need to get back up is by a helping hand by a member. 
  • From Mato Planet you CRASH to Earth with POWER and become WARRIOR who show NO MERCY on stage! 

  • Today might be a tiring day, but just do what you do best. We're just behing you guys. 
  • No doubt all of you will be well known around the world because of your talents and kindness to people. 
  • There's no person ar beautiful as a person who dreams." A very inspirational message from Himchan for every Babys. Thank you. 
  • When you meet 3000 of your fans at a showcase, think also of the 100 000+ other fans that watch the showcase at home, wishing that someday, their dream will come true :)
  • For many of B.A.P aren't only our oppa, our idols or our loves, they are our inspiration, our source of strenght and happiness. 
  • Staying up all night watching a B.A.P new MV or awards streaming is now part of our habits. 
  • Each member shines when B.A.P is together.
  • Thank you for being you, thank you for being Best Absolute Perfect. 
  • Stay kind and continue to shine. 
  • Your dedication to your work inspires me to become a more hard-working person! B.A.P Hwaiting! 
  • For us, B.A.P is like Chris Brown for Jongup.
  • ”Help me help me help me. When I see you, it’s hard to breathe.” ♪ 
  • We'll never forget your shocked faces when you were called out to receive the Mnet PD’s Choice Award. It was the best moment of our lifes. 
  • For many of us, we cannot believe that it was possible to fell in love with a group like that. But you show us that it was possible at the first sight.
  • Please call your manager, the TS Family, your family and your friends to tell them that the Babys all over the world thanks them to take care of you everyday.
  • Keep fighting, you'll become incredible artists. 
  • Thank you for always move our hearts with your golden voices and profound rap.
  • Do you know that you are the funniest guys ever? keke Thank you for always bright up our day! 
  • Thank you to Himchan who always take care of the members. 
  • Thank you B.A.P. Thank you for fighting so hard to please us. Thank you for being so determined. 
  • Don't fell under the pression, you'll NEVER, EVER disappoint us.
  • To our awesome Bang Leader, thank you for all you've done for your group. With a leader like you, B.A.P will become an international star. 
  • We cannot believe that it was possible that a rookie group became our favorite group of all time. But you show us that it was possible. 
  • We will always support you, till the mato-planet calls you to come back...
  • Don't be worried about the bad critics. Just have fun. Live your dream 
  • Promise to us that you won't change. Stay as our adorable B.A.P, our warriors.
  • Please continue to be different from the norm of Kpop; this is what makes you so unique and inspirational.
  • Thank you for making us laughing like crazy when we listen to your TV Shows.
  • We have a « B.A.P » so engraved in us that we thinking of Daehyun when we eat cheesecakes, we think of Youngjae when we use iPad, we think of Jongup every time we hear Chris Brown and we think of Zelo every time we see someone on a skateboard.
  • We can't ever look at  the same ever again ^.^
  • Thank you again, for never giving up, because if you did, we might not have this strength we have now!
  • Just like you have role models, the six of you became the role model of every Baby in the world. This is such a big achievement. 
  • The members are not only colleagues who are working hard to realize their dreams, but brothers who are willing to be your pillars of strength, source of comfort and the family you need when life becomes too difficult for you to cope with on your own. Meeting these brothers is a victory itself.
  • Bravery is being the only one who knows you're afraid.
  • Turn your problems into your strength. 
  • Through every step of the journey, we BABYs will never let go of your hands. Together, let's overcome the difficult obstacles with courage.
  • Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.
  • « The word 'stop' will never be there when growing musically. » So that means that B.A.P will be with us for 100, 1000 years, right? :)
  • Let's listen to our talented maknae and push the musical boundaries, let's show everyone how B.A.P has the ability to make beautiful music that combines the different genres.
  • Today, we want to take a moment to thank our precious leader for his awesome dedication to his group. 
  • Ever since 'Warrior', B.A.P is already well known for charismatic, powerful and perfect performances but you all never show signs of tiredness.
  • B.A.P = a boy group that breaks the standard of boy groups. 
  • We want to hear more satooris!
  • We understand how repetitive and tiring meeting fans can be, but please always remember that for some of us, it's our first time to see you and it's like meeting the six person who save our live.
  • Your lyrics will inspire everyone who listens to your music to change the world bit by bit. 
  • How can we forget this kkk : MC: Youngjae, pick the other member who you think is smarter than you.  // Youngjae: Daehyun!  // MC: … Except Daehyun. 
  • “Though we’re different in character, but on the whole we’re still the same” » Please never forget that, because this is what that makes you unique and strong.
  • You are either the worst, the good, the great, or the B.A.P!
  • “The energy we feel when we become one warrior and walk on wards!” - Jongup. BABYs feel this too.
  • Oppa Himchan Style ! Oooh sexy Babyz ~
  • That smile that made me happy in the hardest days of my life I hope that does not go away from your face.
  • When Babyz are tired B.A.P gives us strength, when B.A.P are tired Babyz will be there for you.
  • The power of 6 cannot be defeated!
  • Please always do the music you love and share your talents with the world.
  • Us Babyz would love it if you guys do think about yourself before us Babyz! Stay healthy, drink water, sleep whenever it is possible and as always, continue what you all do best.
  • Life is a game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. But, no matter what your cards are in life, whether Clubs, Spades or Diamonds, always remember: never play without a Heart!
  • Could you do me a favour, please? Put your left hand over your right shoulder then put your right hand over your left shoulder. There! I've given you a hug!
  • A smile is a language everybody understands. It costs nothing but creates much. It happens fast but its memory may last forever. Keep smiling!
  • I might run out of words to say to you but, I’ll never run out of love for you!
  • People will hate you, rate you, shake you and break you. But, how strong you stand is what makes YOU.
  • Be like a photographer. Get your vision right, keep yourself in focus, zoom in on your goals and you'll capture success that'll become a souvenir.
  • As long as you've got passion, faith and are willing to work hard, you can do anything you want in life.
  • Work for a cause, not for an applause. Live life to express and not to impress.
  • No matter what happens, BABYs will always love and protect B.A.P, just like fried tofu covering the rice!
  • When in doubt, tired, or even when you're sad, talk to the BABYs and we will make you feel better~
  • Take this moment to congratulate yourself and the team how far you've come, how much love we share and how B.A.P and BABYs are unbreakable!
  • Which is better, meat or BABYs?! Don't lie! kk
  • Become a B.A.P whose hearts and minds are like a rookie's but whose music and performances are like a professional's.
  • Have faith in yourselves and in each other and there will be no such thing as limitations.
  • A day when the stadium is fully filled with BABYz and Matoki lightsticks is a dream that will definitely become reality.
  • When we are facing difficulties, we put 'We got the Power' for 10 minutes and then we can do everything.
  • When you're in shit with another member, play the apple game!!!
  • This morning, please have a moment of silence in memory of Zelo's frog.
  • Can you explain to us how can Zelo rap faster than our Internet connection?
  • Do not compare problems! Problems are still problems no matter how small they are. Do not compare success! A tiny grain of success is still a success!
  • BABYs die when B.A.P wears snapbacks.
  • BABYs die when B.A.P wears eyeliner.
  • BABYs dies when Youngjae wear beanies.
  • BABYs die for Youngjae's chubby cheeks.
  • BABYs die for Himchan's eye dimple.
  • BABYs die for Zelo's constant blinking.
  • BABYs die for Himchan's winks.
  • BABYs die for Yongguk's and Daehyun’s sexy lips.
  •  BABYs die for Jongup's cheetos and chocolate. 
  •  BABYs die for Zelo's American English accent.
  • BABYs die for Yongguk's low voice.
  •  BABYs laughed so much at Himchan's wrestling strategy.
  • BABYs laughed so much at Jongup's, Zelo's and Youngjae's Neapolitan Ice Cream hair. kk
  • BABYs laughed so much at Himchan's mato speaking. kk
  • BABYs laughed so much at B.A.P's Snow White game on Ta-Dah! It's B.A.P. Do you remember how funny it was? kkkk
  •  BABYs laughed so much at Daehyun's amazing drawings skills. kk
  • BABYs laugh so much at the maknae line's cute and funny freestyle dancing. kk
  • BABYs love so much Himchan's and Jongup's rabbit teeth. kk
  • B.A.P's greeting is simply the most original, funny and cute greeting of Kpop!
  • BABYs are so impressed by Himchan's Janggu skills.
  • BABYs laughed so much at Daehyun's banana microphone.
  • BABYs' feedback: Goodbye is a very unique and inspirational track, whenever we feeling like giving up, we listen to it. Thank you for that.
  • BABYs' feedback: Unbreakable taught us how to persevere. Thank you for that.
  • BABYs' feedback: Warrior was the best debut song ever in all the Kpop world.
  • Members and Yongguk in particular, we want to let you know that we are touched about the fact that you always give us your awards. 
  • BABYs' feedback: Power inspired us to preserve our planet and change the world. We should be proud to be messengers for greater goods of humanity.
  • BABYs' feedback: What The Hell is an example that many of your songs could be title songs
  • BABYs' feedback: Happy Birthday is the song that every BABYs will listen to non-stop on their birthday and it will surely make this special day a more special day.
  • If you receive an award, be happy, be proud, and if you don't, still be happy, be proud. Because awards don't define you.
  • Wishes granted by BABYs:  Group, today, you must confess how important Yongguk is to you as the leader of the group. Yongguk, you deserve it.
  • Wishes granted by BABYs: Group, today, you must confess how important Himchan is to you as the mother of the group. Himchan, you deserve it.
  • Wishes granted by BABYs: Dear manager, today Daehyun can eat whatever he wants, take his order and obey his wishes. Thank you! Daehyun, don't forget your cheesecake!
  • Wishes granted by BABYs: Youngjae, today you're the only one who's allowed to use the iPad and the cell phone. kk
  • Wishes granted by BABYs: Group, today, you are not allowed to pick on, slap on or laugh at Jongup and you have to call him hyung. Enjoy Jongup!
  • Wishes granted by BABYs: Zelo, today, you're allowed to take your shower before your hyungs.
  • We love your 'whistle' trademark that you put in all your songs. Keep doing it!
  • While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Jongup so he doesn't run away to meet Chris Brown and get lost in the process. kk While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Yongguk so he doesn't stalk Tigger.
  • While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Himchan so he doesn't start an argument with the others princess about who's the prettiest. kk
  • While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Daehyun so he doesn't blow your budget on food. kk
  • While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Zelo so he doesn't have the idea to skateboarding on the roller coaster rails.
  • While going to Disney Land, B.A.P must: Tie up Youngjae so he doesn't lose his lunch, passport and MP3. kkk
  • B.A.P not knowing what a goodbye stage is...
  • Guk once said « It's not the popularity of the each members that counts; it's the popularity of the group. » If you never forget that, you'll become a legendary group.
  • When we think of friends or a family that are very united, we think of you guys. <3
  • When we hear someone with a low voice, we always compare it with Yongguk's and always think that Leader has the best one.
  • Every time we look in a mirror, we're reminded of how Himchan thinks he's flawless. kkk
  • Daehyun your reputation is made. When stuff disappears from our fridge, even our parents ask if Daehyun was here.
  • BABYs think of Youngjae when we need to say « NO », we always do it like you do it in No Mercy. Finger's move and smile included. It's so cute!
  • When we start dancing randomly with a big smile, we stop and then say « Jongup, get out of my body!! » kkk 
  • Whenever any of our electronics run out of battery, we always say « SHUTDOWN SORRY! » and then think of Zelo.
  • 우리는 당신을 사랑! (From your Korean-speaking fans)
  • We love you! (From your English-speaking fans
  • On vous aimes! (‘We Love You’ from your French-speaking fans)
  • 私たちはあなたを愛し! (‘We Love You’ from your Japanese-speaking fans)
  • Kami sayang kamu! (‘We Love You’ from your Malay-speaking fans)
  • Te queremos! (‘We Love You’ from your Spanish-speaking fans)
  • เรารักคุณ! (‘We Love You’ from your Thai-speaking fans)
  • Мы любим тебя! (‘We Love You’ from your Russian-speaking fans)
  • Nós te amamos! (‘We Love You’ from your Portuguese-speaking fans)
  • Chúng tôi yêu bạn! (‘We Love You’ from your Vietnamese-speaking fans)
  • Gustung-gusto namin sa iyo! (‘We Love You’ from your Filipino-speaking fans)
  • نحن نحبك!  (‘We Love You’ from your Arabic-speaking fans)
  • 我们爱你! (‘We Love You’ from your Chinese-speaking fans)
  • Mato Planet has definitely given us the 6 most valuable & precious gifts. Each with their own unique personality, and has taught the fans to NEVER GIVE UP.
  • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever does.
  • "Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."
  • Together with BABYS, B.A.P can help inspire the world through music.
  • Blow the roof off, make the stage collapse, just don't hurt yourselves in the process. 
  • Your talent, drive and creativity is immense, please always remember that you are six amazing artists. 
  • Your multiple skills will never cease to amaze us because they get only better. Keep hwainting to achieve your dream. 
  • We all say 'B.A.P' in a deep raspy voice like Yongguk does at the beginning of Warrior.
  • What amazed us more is that you guys are putting out more and more of yourself out there every day. 
  • When we listen to B.A.P's song, it's like if a tsunami of emotions were floating inside of our hearts. Please always create such strong feelings in your songs.
  • B.A.P would not sound the same without any of the members, because every one of you are a rare gem of talent. 
  • Thank you for challenging yourself even further. It reminds us to always try our best in every project we undertake. 
  • Not knowing your future is life's best motivator. So live in the present and enjoy every surprise it gives you. Hwaiting for today!
  • B.A.P have so many talents and we will never tire from what you have to show us. 
  • Bang shoving his iPad in his pants at KCON kk
  • All of us overcome hard time, sometimes depression, sometimes illness. But thanks to B.A.P, we're all able to smile again. So keep doing what you're born to.
  • Our pledge to you: We will always be the green glow in the darkness. As long as there is B.A.P, we will always be your Babyz!
  • Talent is nothing without motivation. Quitters never overcome the believers until they believe too. Hwaiting for today.
  • The sun shines wherever you are, just like your golden heads and hearts! B.A.P Hwaiting! 
  • Just like how you were able mark our hearts with your charm, talent, and craziness, we hope luck, happiness and success would be what marks your lives.
  • You are our source of happiness, and for that, we'll provide you energy to fight every day. You can lean on us for that!
  • All your sweat and tears were all worth it. 
  • We all know that you've done a lot and sacrificed so much to do music. And that inspire us so much.
  • Never forget that you never fail to amaze us every day. 
  • To the members, we wish that you know how lucky you are to have Yongguk as a leader, an incredible and awesome artist. 
  • No matter how big your fame may be, we hope you will never ever forget your original intention in music and always work hard without forgetting your modesty.
  • You have grown stronger after each comeback. You have gained confidence without losing your humility. And that's amazing. Never forget that! 
  • Let B.A.P fans see your cheerful smiles today.
  • You’ve made everyday of our life so much happier and brighter ever since you debuted.
  • Thank you for everything you’ve done, and we hope you’ll keep going strong in the coming years.
  • Face the light and watch your shadows fall behind you! Hwaiting for today!
  • When you work, work. When you rest, rest.”~ Himchan. Please remember!
  • We have cheered so much for B.A.P, how are Planet Mato’s energy levels now?
  • We will continue to cheer for you!
  • If you ever feel down, have an egg.
  • We promise we will eat eggs every day!
  • Day after day you inspire us, to “do what we like, and love what we do”. We are very thankful for that. So today, let BABYs be your inspiration.
  • Whenever life or work gets too tiring and you feel like giving up,always remember to stop and remember how far you’ve come and all the changes you’ve made to the industry.
  • Continue to prove to people that true talent overcomes other factors.
  • Always remember how you’ve managed to improve/beautify the lives of many different people who all hold one title together, BABY?
  • If we must do what we love and be what we are, then we love to support you and being a BABY.
  • As one, you can take over the world! 지구정복 B.A.P!
  • B.A.P has the POWER to get through every difficulty!
  • Just take another step and you’re already one step closer.
  • Success is a journey, not a destination.
  • RECHARGE! Babys are here to give B.A.P energy! Hwaiting!
  • If ‘Babys are your vitamin’, then we’ll be eternal vitamin.
  • Get up and you move your body~ NOW! Come on! Jump everywhere and laugh! Get pumped up? kkk Now smile and have a superb day guys! :D
  • Keep showing everyone your passionate stage performances and continue
  • sharing your music with the world!
  • Each and every member of B.A.P have their own talents, abilities and unique personalities that makes B.A.P such as memorable group!
  • This is just the beginning and BABYS will be with you every step of the way :)
  • Thank you for showing to all of us that with support and hard work, even the underdogs can come out being victorious.
  • No sacrifices, no victory.
  • Always work your best and stay healthy~
  • You will dominate earth one day for sure ^^
  • Have a happy life, stay healthy and don’t work too much, you’re making us worry.
  • When we listen to “Voice Mail”, we feel protected from everything
  • Never forget why you started this journey! I hope B.A.P will forever continue doing music - because that is what you like and what we love you for!
  • If we live under the same sky, we’ll probably meet some day.
  • Even if you fall thousands of times, get up, never give up. You can’t imagine how many people you make happy when you smiles.
  • There will also be many times where you want to give up, but you have to push through it and work as hard as you can.
  • No matter how good or bad 2013 is, us BABYs will love and support you no matter what.
  • B.A.P are not idols, you are all artists and we are continuing to anticipate whilst cheering.
  • Don’t worry about anything today. Laugh freely and be happy.
  • Life is too short to stress about things that are only temporary.
  • Stay strong.
  • Pressure is motivation.
  • Starting is already half of the battle. Such a good message from Youngjae.
  • Thank you for inspiring us.
  • The true meaning of winning is not giving up.
  • United we stand. Divided we fall.
  • Learning the korean language to understand in its deepest meaning every lyrics of your meaningful songs.
  • T-ogether | E-veryone | A-chieves | M-ore
  • A chain is only as strong if it remains whole.
  • No one whistles a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.
  • We really feel you love us as much as we love you, and this is something very rare in a Fandom.
  • Seeing you working so hard also inspires us to work hard and try our best.
  • Even though you’re busy don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while. It’s the little things in life that can change a bad day to a good one!
  • Rest assured that Babys will never cheat on you!
  • Rice and Tofu had never tasted this good before!
  • Seumul Saesal ” is the CUTEST thing in the world. kkkk
  • Let’s all eat ”Dragon soup!” today! kk
  • Remember to eat a lot of cherry tomatoes and lemons!
  • Peace begins with a smile. Therefore, start today with a smile and end it with a smile!
  • Thank you B.A.P, you and your music helped me when my dad was in the hospital. Thank you for the inspiration and strength.
  • When B.A.P won the Rookie Awards, the Babys created a new ocean of tears of joy. T-T
  • Daehyun stealing Youngjae’s meat at Killing Camp. kk
  • According to Busan Wonbin, Youngjae is more handsome than a hamburger
  • B.A.P doing the “Help Me” dance in the middle of the mud flat. Priceless.
  • Daehyun’s 8 high notes on Weekly Idols is like a beethoven symphony.
  • The ending of “Crash” performances make our day.
  • Yongguk dancing to Magic: Priceless.
  • Forever in love with Bang Yong Guk’s love song.
  • Whenever someone says “Boom”, we’re all like: “BOOM, CLAP. BOOM BOOM, CLAP!”
  • B.A.P members will send Zelo to a fan by mail? LOL you guys.
  • Remember B.A.P having fun like crazy at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia.
  • Dear Jongup, 6x8 DO NOT equals… 79. .__.
  • It’s always fun to say “B.A.P” with a deep raspy voice like Yongguk does at the beginning of Warrior.
  • Jongup’s smile is brighter than the sun.
  • Do you still throwing noodles on the wall at the dorm? (Daehyun this question is for you .)
  • When are we going to get to see Bang’s abs? You promised! >.<
  • Chris Brown-oppa, notice our Moontos!
  • Let’s work harder for a better tomorrow, okay?
  • You guys have the power to make us smile every day and inspire us ~
  • All you fakes, go away- we are worldwide"
  • Zelobot , are you fully charged today? ^.^
  • We are all thankful and touched by all the hardwork you put in to make babys happy. Stay strong and never forget, we’ll always be by your side!
  • To himchan oppa, can you not drink americano today? This shall be a challenge from us BABYS. kk
  • So there’s six boys on earth that everybody loves. Let me give you a hint, they’re all from Matoplanet. Who know who they are.
  • No no no mercy to all them haters out there, show them the power of B.A.P!
  • We are always going to be your FRIED TOFU and your SECOND MOM 
  • B.A.P plus BABY equals one…. FIGHTING!!!!
  • You need us and we need you. How beautiful is that? ^_^
  • Babys will work hard to be B.A.P’s ‘hip’ throughout the way!
  • For a group such as B.A.P, national prestige is a small dream. World domination is what we want, sir!
  • All slippers have a pair, all pans have a cover, and all tofus need rice.
  • Let’s become an even stronger team together and grow closer.
  • We will always follow you even if you have to go back to Planet Mato. ^.^
  • True happiness involves the full use of one’s power and talents.
  • Our boys’ hardwork motivates us in doing EVERY single thing. It made us realise that nothing in this world is impossible.
  • What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. Babys will always be with you guys.
  • Wherever you are - be all there. Wherever you are - For a gallant spirit there can never be defeat. Wherever you are - Babys will always be by B.A.P’s side.
  • We wasn’t always a big believer in the cliche a lot of people say: ‘Music saved my life.’ But that is precisely what your music has done for us, Babys.
  • We hope knowing that the six of you bring us up when we are at our lowest will cheer you up when you have low days, as well.
  • Never let your failures get to your heart and never let your success get to your head.
  • B.A.P are the Warriors that has Power & No Mercy . They will make you Crash until you beg them to Stop It.
  • Alone you can do so little; together you can do so much.
  • Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
  • Everytime you perform, keep smiling because it brightens everybody’s day.
  • Believe in yourselves, there’s no limit to what you can do.
  • Remember, stars can’t shine without darkness.
  • If people are trying to bring you down it only means you’re above them!
  • Dream like you will live forever.
  • Thank you so much to B.A.P’s parents who allowed you to gather like this as B.A.P.
  • The good guy has the real heart of gold and the mind of a warrior, he brings value into other people lives and the world. Keep being like that.
  • The world without food is the world without Jung Daehyun.
  • We’re all “tougher than meat” just like Jongup. kk
  • God gives the hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.
  • Have you realized everything magically appears when your mom looks for it?! ... MOM, I LOST B.A.P!
  • When you fell like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.
  • Respect your haters; they’re the ones who think you’re better than them!
  • Remember who you are and what your dreams stand for.
  • If it's B.A.P, it's possible. 
  • Victory belongs to the warriors, yessir!
  • Even if you fall down a hundred times, always get up and never collapse. Be unbreakable together as a unit.
Which ones do you like the most? 


  1. Can you put it in Korean if you know Korean?

  2. Yes, all the messages will be translated in Korean :) #Isa

  3. will you include the name as well or just the message itself?

  4. We'll only write the message, since the paper are pretty small, and some of them need to be edited because they don't fit ont the paper! ._. #isa

  5. How do we know if our messages are accepted by you? :)

  6. At the end of the project, we'll post the 365 chosen messages, as well as pictures of the jar and the letter.

  7. how much lines you want ?

  8. We have enough messages now! Thank you everyone!

  9. all the Message really really sweet! i like the most..ALL!!!

    -ina shemmi-

  10. I always thought this was a good idea - but seeing the end product i know its a GREAT idea, well done to Isa, your mum and everyone else, for making it look so fantastic and sweet. - i was surprised to see that you named the sponsors, so excited that B.A.P may see my name (not that it will mean anything to them, but still!!!)

    So many messages are lovely - my favourite are the ones are where Babys talk about how the boys have inspired them, because i feel that way too! Personal favourites are, Someone wrote how B.A.Ps songs helped them though the tough times when they dad was in hospital - which i thought was so beautiful. Someone quoted youngae - "starting is half the battle" - i love that so much, will take that away a keep it with me always! Also very pleased to see my own message included.

    Anyway thanks again for this wonderful project - i'm sure the guys will notice it and be grateful.