"BYS is like an organization. We volunteer everyday to have a huge and positive impact on B.A.P's success internationally. The fansite's main goal is to mobilize and unite the fandom. With more than 60 staff members from all over the world, we work hard to build a strong multi-medias website with up to date informations, projects, events and translations in many languages."

Welcome to BYS!

Founded on January 30th, 2012 (3 days after B.A.P's debut with "Warrior")
Was previously named as B.A.P FRANCOPHONE
Inaugurated as "B.A.P Yes Sir!, B.A.P's International Fansite" on November 27th, 2012 (B.A.P's 10th month since debut)
Known by B.A.P since 2013, and in contact with TS ENT for overseas activities and projects. 

"BEST men ; ABSOLUTE musical talents ; PERFECT stage"

What is BYS?
A dedicated team of more than 60 staff members from Korea, Japan, Asia, Europe, North America and Latin America that works for B.A.P everyday. The site has been founded by Isa (Canada) and is co-managed by Nicole (Japan).
* A complete database: Daily updates, schedules, discography, information center, archives (photos, videos, news), and more.
* International support projects for the boys and giveaways for the fans.
* Translations in more than 15 languages and English subbed videos.
* A shop where we sell exclusive accessories and clothes. Profits helps us to stay alive and continue our activities.
* A blog where we share gifs, pictures, imagines, macros and more.
* A forum where we exchange, discuss about recent topics. The forum includes a chat section, where we organize weekly fanmeetings in all timezones.
* BYS is a complete website, a fanbase, extended on three main networks: Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.